Polotsk: No picket — Russian imperial monument

According to the organizer, the Young, Ales Krutkin
picket spent about 15 people — members of "Junior Front"And the Conservative Christian Party BPF. Protesters held placards" Polotsk — the cradle of Belarus and not imperial Russian city "," We must not put the war monuments, and died, "" Old Polotsk — historical street names "and" Imperial Russian monument is not . "

According to Alexander Krutkin and his associates, of implementation of this project can not be allowed because it is focused on the distortion of the true history of Belarus and the identification of Russian occupiers as liberators of the Belarusian land.
The current was allowed to picket the local executive committee, and claims to the participants did not have law enforcement. As they say organizers as they performed the action only for informational purposes — so that citizens know about the construction of the monument and promising that in the town there is a group of people who do not agree with these plans.

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