Power is trying to squeeze out unacceptable projects

Editor in chief of the magazine "Arche" Valery Bulgakov states that officially registered publications will not be special choice if there is a question of the existence of the magazine in general:
"I, on the one side, agree that the task of unification is. On the other hand, of course, we must recognize that reform is being implemented by the state in a characteristic manner oppressive to her. I agree with the thesis that the great abundance by spelling systems that are de facto service Belarusian language on the ground today Republic of Belarus, lead users astray whiteRussian language, also people who read and somehow perceive products in the Belarusian language. On my eyes, for a successful functioning of the Belarusian language and conquest of new public (and not only) unifikavanasts areas would not prevent. Because in fact it’s way more or less developed or based on the rich cultural traditions of Western European language.
But as for real point, of course, I have huge doubts about this. Maybe even read that this rhetoric power just hides his true policy, which is focused on the fact that absolutely dislodge from the public sphere of legitimate those publications and projects that de facto do not take the last codification of Belarusian spelling, which was implemented in 1957 — 59 years, and currently further refined by Lukashantsa and approved by the President. "

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