Precision combat crew

Precision combat crew
Our homeland will not allow the military defeat or in real life or in cyberspace

There is no hesitation that now and Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin expressed his agreement with concern Dmitry Rogozin, who a couple of weeks back the announced severe backlog of in the development of certain kinds of modern non-nuclear weapons. The Head of State at the last meeting of the Russian Security Council stressed that «precision instrument according to his abilities have not actually inferior strategic, and this has an impact on the global balance of power.» In this case obviously not in our favor.

Recall, Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin led assessments of American professionals, claiming that in the case of a global conflict the United States using the latest models of its own ordinary tools will be able to a few hours to kill 80-90% of the Russian nuclear arsenal. And, they say, Moscow has nothing to oppose this strike. Deputy Prime Minister, who heads the Military Industrial Commission (MIC) under the Russian government, was honest, this situation: «Today, a number of critical lag in basic technologies from leading countries of the West is at a certain fronts to 10 years old Male.» Rogozin urged not to follow the race on the part of military technology. President hundred percent supported it, highlight the exceptional magnitude of the problems facing Russia in the sphere of defense and security, which are dictated by a whole set of conventional and emerging threats to encourage an adequate response to the search.

Security Council meeting was devoted to discussion of plans of military construction in the country during the current decade. And while they talked about the different directions of the Army, Navy and other security agencies, still the central theme was the fulfillment of State applets Arms (LG) 2020. All the preconditions for its implementation, read Putin made. Coupled with the fact the president acknowledged the urgent need to analyze the progress of existing programs, and to see what decisions were ineffective where there are systemic failures that must be done to remedy the situation in each direction. And here’s why.

«Just the sight of the changed nature of armed conflicts, methods of starting and waging develop mechanized combat systems — Supreme Commander said. — There is a militarization of outer space and cyberspace, special operations are widely used mechanisms and tools of «soft power» … military organization must possess all the skills in order to prevent potential anger against our country, to give a decisive answer to any samples of power pressure and blackmail, guaranteed protection of sovereignty RF safety of our citizens. «

It should be noted that the word «cyberspace» sounds in the near future from the mouth of all the security forces often. First 2013th president issued a decree ordered the FSB to make the system reflect cyber attacks on Russian municipal portals. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in February ordered the Main Operations Directorate (GOU), Chief Organization and Mobilization Directorate (GOMU) and a number of other divisions of the General Staff to study the issue of creation Cyber ​​Command. But Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in March unveiled plans to create a certain Cyber ​​Command, saying that all necessary documents are prepared for this. They expressed confidence that such a structure will be very soon. Maybe before the end of 2013.

To all forms of «kibervoitelstva» — not fashion, fascinated by Russian security forces suddenly, not a tribute to time. It — RF decisive movement specifically in those areas where more tangible its technological lag in methods of warfare and the development of new types of weapons. Incidentally, it is not the case in June this year and the U.S. Our homeland development agreements have gained international working group aimed at joint efforts to combat cyber threats. And this, of course, very great. And in general, own Cyber ​​Command, which is right behind the United States and acquire Our homeland will be practically new kind of troops in our armed forces. He will face the outer kiberagressii, continuous monitoring of incoming outside disk imaging, providing information security of our country.

But in addition, Cyber ​​Command will provide protection for all computer networks, by means of which now is used to manage other kinds of troops and advanced weapons systems. At a meeting of the Security Council president stressed: «We must be ready to fend off danger excellent in the information space, improve security infrastructure respective first strategic information systems and critical concepts of objects.» There is reason to believe that it is this nuance open a discussion in the closed part of the meeting, was not reflected in the report on the official website of the Ministry of Defense.

However, Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu after the meeting of the Security Council considered likely to tell reporters that it conducted on the equipment and supplies of weapons to the Strategic Rocket Forces mission, missile brigades of the Ground Forces and the Navy. «We are all synchronized with the infrastructure that will allow to receive and operate these weapons,» — said the Minister. This question — supremely important as Shoigu said plans sharp increase in the number of troops of the latest modifications of precision instruments. So, in the coming three years, the number of cruise missiles will grow 5 times, and in 2020 — 30.

As we see, the efforts of the Chairman of the MIC Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, show someone openly defeatist position, were completely unfounded. He reached the own goal: LG-2020 is subject to an upward adjustment in richer re Army and Navy precision weapon systems. Well and military protection from cyber threats has now become what is known as an important area of ​​national defense.

From the Editor «IEE»

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