Presentation or home provinces Mudrova (photos)

Even before the presentation of the first guests surrounded by provinces Mudrova autographs.

Guests of the event.

Creator remembers the incident writing books.

Vladimir Orlov, recalls: "My manager always kept cool Mudrova arsenal bad examples and said:" The boy with gniiltsooy! "And we read:" If you do then something like this grow as wise … "Sits (left to right): Alexander Lukashuk, Vintses wise, Oleg Trusov.

Sign of nostalgia — the pioneering icons Mudrova provinces.

Valentin-Taras regrets the lack of jokes in the book such as the sign of a loaf with yogurt.

Marika Martysevich, translator and popular blogersha confessed that on the cover of "Home Album" Gagarin learned only, but about Fidel had to ask the mother.

Anatoly Vertinskij hands provinces Mudrova their marks era: the pioneering icon, "Free Nelson Mandela" and so on. "Album of the home" solemnly estimated at one Russian ruble standard 1961.

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