Press Review: Prospect Kozulin in Vitsba-3

Now "Narodnaya Volya" in category "Democracy in Belarusian" publishes details of mass arrest of members of an unregistered organization "Young Front" KGB.
Prints "Narodnaya Volya" article author Chairman of the State Committee of the United Democratic Forces Anatoly Lebedko. Politician argues why the opposition calls on people to October Square on March 25.
Also "Narodnaya Volya"Reports that in a prison colony" Vitsba-3 "prisoners dubbed prospectus Kozulin track courtyard on which usually walks past presidential candidate. About this and other announcements from prison knows one of the recently released prisoners.
Other titles of articles in the most fresh issue of "People’s Will": "Alexander Lukashenko Lukashenko said Victor opportunities "," Left March has not attracted Justice "," Glow metropolitan stores and poverty avtolavki district. "
"Bobruisk courier" now examine the background growth of burglaries. Knows journalist Viktor Kachan:
Kachan: "Compared with previous year number of thefts increased by 100 eleventh Only every third case revealed. Policemen say that one of the main reasons that the House of Representatives passed a law that reduced the sentence for theft. "
Regional newspaper "Free Deep" encourages readers to lay in critical situations on intuition cats. So, during a hurricane "Kyrill" in the village spring Postavski district hosts heated the stove, but do not see that on the floor rolled ember. Journalist Vladimir Skrabatun Reports to:
Skrabatun: "By morning, the whole room is covered with thick smoke. Then the cat very start beeping. Rushed to the aid of the first neighbor. Soon appeared and fire. Ultimately nothing happened. Yet the administrative report for violationyl appeal with fire. "
Vladimir Skrabatun said that in This year through the negligence of owners in the region left more than 40 fires. There are victims.

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