Privatization principle scam

Thus, according to the vice-premier Minister of Belarus, when in the late 1990s for a controlling stake in Bobruisk "Belshina" potential investors gave 50 millions of dollars, at the moment the government expects to receive more than 1 billion dollars.
Experienced CEO concern "Amkodor" Vasily Shlyndikov convinced that it is impossible in principle to associate and the then current situation. In addition, the first step will be offered to investors, likely, less than 25% of the shares in the share capital. And that, in the views of the professional, hardly changes the situation — control over the creation as before will be in the hands of the country:
"It’s all relative. Hard to say what would happen to the same "Belshina" and no matter how much the government has received, if the process of privatization was given and everything went as was be. Maybe "Belshina" had already become rich to themselves and the government. Because one-time cash investments — it is very relative thing. Fundamentally different — that tax money in the budget, that worked enterprise selling products, fed team, etc. This is important.
Because everything is relative — azalatsilisya we previously or not. I think that we do not azalotsimsya and reality. After all, if someone thinks that investors rush to us with their funds, the the man profoundly mistaken. After all, our liability companies — is roughly organized "scam." Equity shareholder enters, and after he has no rights — no dividends or income or realize these stocks is unrealistic. And if anyone believes that the system scam can exist forever and ever, you can be fooled by people’s heads — it’s the wrong worldview. "Tags: privatization

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