Chinese authorities in the outgoing week announced a huge part of the East China Sea own defense identification zone. U.S. reaction to China’s neighbors and the decision was so harsh and rigid that Beijing faced a difficult choice between public humiliation and no need for armed conflict.

Announcement coastal waters area identification (GI) PVO is not the Chinese know-how. Such zones have own coast identified two 10-ka states possessing the ability to look over their observance, including the U.S. and Japan. At the theoretical level, no matter which country has the right to claim from the aircraft approaching its coast at a distance of several hundred kilometers, identify, name your own flight plan and start a two-way radio communication with the dispatcher.

Most of the countries in the world do not do this for two reasons. Some are skeptical about the possibility of flying enemy aircraft, they do not want to waste a lot of money to prevent a hypothetical danger. Others simply do not own forces and means to monitor and maintain such areas it established rules. Simply put, some establish such a zone do not want others — can not.

First wanted to and were able, usually, the Americans: after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Washington realized that something was watched, and then it was decided to establish its proper zone along the coast of the United States. The goal was is ordinary: to prevent the recurrence of problems in December 1941. During the «cool war» GI established countries such as Norway and England, for whom plaque Russian aviation was not so much mind-boggling prospect. Russian pilots also blyuli interests of their own country, often knocking down NATO planes invading the GI installed USSR. India and Pakistan during the XX century in survived several wars, and to establish appropriate zone, fearing a sudden raid from the sea.

In the Far East air defense identification zones immediately got several states feared aerial attack from the sea. Among other — Japan, South Korea and, of course, not many who recognized the Republic of China, more popular as Taiwan. All of them have been led to expect from the popliteal neighbors also had the technical and financial ability to watch over the observance of the same set of rules.

For China for a long time served as a safe inexhaustible human resources and nuclear arsenal. Particularly the need to establish GI in mainland China was not like there was no technical and financial capabilities to control the area, even if it appeared. In addition, the superior power of the United States Air Force and its allies in the region did not allow the Chinese even think about, that prinevolit someone to obey their rules.

But in recent decades, the situation began to change rapidly. With the growing economic power grew defensive abilities and China’s foreign policy ambitions. Those or other territorial claims Beijing began to produce virtually all of its neighbors (carefully about these claims «,» already wrote). Disputes with neighboring countries led to the rise of nationalism in the midst Hassle-ordinary Chinese, which in turn encouraged the management of the country to an increasingly brutal exterior policy.

One of the central parts of this policy was the dispute with Japan over uninhabited archipelago, called Senkaku in Tokyo and Beijing — Diaoyu. Severity of the conflict immediately added a few reasons: comparable archipelago situated off the coast of mainland China, the shelf around the islands is full of minerals, and to the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun due to historical circumstances in China are very bad.

The Government of China for a couple years has tried to find a way to force Japan to recognize the existence of a territorial dispute, but every time I ran across the «startling arrogance» Tokyo. Living in the country of the rising sun is not even going to open a discussion affiliation archipelago. Because together with Beijing has used diplomatic and more than rough ways pressure. To the islands and then sent a flotilla of Chinese fishermen and researchers, they are suitable warships and planes fly up, which is very unnerving Japanese.

Apparently, the decision to declare GI defense over the East China Sea to be in line with the strategy to increase the pressure on Tokyo. If foreign airlines obeyed the requirements of the PRC, Beijing’s claim to the islands would have received some international recognition. Thus at first it worked: virtually all airlines, including Japanese, said they will comply with established rules of China, as it is not going to risk the safety of passengers. Words about the «risk» there is no coincidence: the Chinese have promised to use «critical defense measures like» to violators. Translated from the diplomatic — to plant on their airfields, and especially of opposite — churn.

But the triumph of the Chinese did not last long. When intrigued country closely spotted granted Beijing the latest card system in the region has risen storm of indignation. Stronger than everybody, obviously, was outraged Japan. China has not only held its top Japanese GI, and included in it the air space over the disputed archipelago. Anger Tokyo fully understood: identical would be the reaction of the Russian government, if the same people of the country of the rising sun, for example, set up your GI over the Kuril Islands. Tokyo not only did not recognize Chinese innovation, and claimed to own one hundred percent of the airlines ignore it. They were obliged to obey, even despite the PRC promised «measures critical defense like that.»

Reaction Land of the Rising Sun, with all its field, was completely predictable, in China probably hoped for something similar. Worse than that, at the direction of Tokyo got a number of influential states.

Orient the first Americans. Defence and the U.S. State Department issued a very harsh statements, in which the Chinese innovation was called unsafe, destructive regional stability, one-sided, and therefore — invalid. Washington flatly refused to recognize the Chinese miner, immediately thereafter through her proparhali two strategic bombers B-52 U.S. Air Force. With Chinese managers they obviously did not communicate and did not respond to requests.

For China, this situation is unpleasant that Americans previously observe neutrality in the dispute over the island, almost took the position of the Rising Sun Country, reminding about the contract on mutual defense with Tokyo. With all this (fundamental aspect) United States announced that it would help protect the whole area Land of the Rising Sun, including the disputed islands. China such makarom got very influential opponent in a dispute over the archipelago.

Next — worse. In recent years, slowly but inexorably worse case Country Japan and South Korea. A major obstacle to their development were the usual arguments about Tokyo responsibility for atrocities committed during the second world war. Koreans can never forgive the people of the country of the rising sun that they were used as slaves, and the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun is not burning desire to repent. Against this background, the friendship was born in Seoul and Beijing (which has an identical claim to the Land of the Rising Sun).

But the Chinese miner defense almost pushed into the arms of Koreans Tokyo by unusual Chinese inadvertently included within the boundaries of its own zone of significant portion of the air space, which considers its Seoul. Protests in Beijing’s actions fell and South Korea, and its planes and ships here violated Chinese miner, showing its invalidity.

Similarly reacted and Taiwan, which have their own views of the archipelago. Although case 2-China soon became better and better, the PRC announced GI defense put an end to this trend. In Taipei once again talking about the «insatiable appetite of Beijing» and that the Communists can not believe in any case. Other countries in the region, fearing the impact of rapid growth in China, also condemned the initiative of China. Willing to obey the new rules fly over the East China Sea was not.

It is curious that in China public opinion acclaimed GI defense establishment. Moreover, the ordinary inhabitants of the country through social networks and forums bezotstupno recommend their own government without delay to shoot down violators who do not want to obey the rules imposed. Consequences of similar actions, if they ventured to Beijing, who did not quite trevozhut all refer to the fact that in their own GI «Americans would have done the same thing.»

Administration of China appeared in mnogosmyslennyh situation: on the one hand, once introduced GI defense, then you need to look for its compliance and punish offenders. But on the other hand, is not very clear how to do it, when in fact all her neighbors shall be removed to admit: I do not shoot down the same truth, the South American bombers and Japanese passenger liners. Although the ability of the People’s Liberation Army of China over the past decade have increased significantly, to compete on an equal footing with the U.S. and its allies Beijing still can not.

If not punish violators zone, the whole thing with its introduction reincarnated as a textbook funny story about «Last warning.» If they try to punish international scandal is so rich, that it will block any bad consequences benefits from GI insertion defense.

At the moment, the Chinese have adopted an interim solution. Patrol zone fighter aircraft, which, however, no one has not yet knocked and, apparently, is not going to shoot down. Beijing marked the presence in them installed system, but, in fact, it is purely symbolic.

Now the situation is followed by this: in his own quest thicker annoy residents of the country of the rising sun, the Chinese leaders apparently went too far. The decision to declare GI defense resulted in a de facto recognition of the Yankees Japanese sovereignty over the disputed islands, as in the case spoiled with Seoul and Taipei with the prospect of international public humiliation. Not to mention the loss of authority «a weak and indecisive» power in the midst of the nationalist-minded citizens that make up a large part of the population.

Beijing need as faster to find some method to show consistency in their own decisions, without applying for all this «critical measures of defense like that.» How exactly will this task is solved, say at the moment is hard, but maybe offer some version of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who met recently to visit Japan and China.

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