Real love — not in a public garden, and on the square! ..

Malady expect that in the action perceive the role from 150 to 300 people. Many of them the first time will participate in the procession kastsyumavanym. When was the first event dedicated to the days of Valentine’s Day, they were taught in the first grade.
Now scheduled theatrical show. Members of the "Young Front" believe that Minskers action like. Margarita says Savanovich.
Savanovich: "It will be a true kastsyumavanae show. The program includes many exciting activities. Especially it will be interesting to young people, because young people specifically wants freedom, love, wants to quickly come spring, warmth and bright emotions."
Activist "Young Front" Haretski.
Gorki: "It just Such youth prazdnichek that "Young Front" is accepted as a day of love, or there is some kissing in a public garden, and a real love for the day our country, day to love Europe. We take this prazdnichkom through the prism of what we love Belarus, we love Europe and demand love, freedom, change and Belarus’ accession to the European public. "
In the 1997-98 campaign limited visiting embassies. In 1999, an activist of "Malady Front" Eugene Skochko street Varvashenya made an impromptu fireworks from firecrackers. He was detained and sentenced to a year of probation. In 2000, the authorities first and last time allowed to hold shares. In 2001, young people marched from Freedom Square to Victory Square. There riot police detained several people. In 2002 im on the avenue near the street Doroshevicha detained about 2-10-s people. Some very beaten during his arrest. In 2003, about Academy police detained Paul Sevyarinets and Artur Finkevich. Arthur had just turned 18, and the first time he went to jail. Later, the authorities began to prepare for February 14. In 2004 Liberty Square was blocked off and all detained at the approaches. In 2005 there were no arrests because the share spent on October Square — European youth sang a hymn. In Last year recently presidential elections the Young street action was not performed. They held a concert in one of Minsk schools.
The current action will begin at 18 pm at the Freedom Square.

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