Recorded 76 candidates for deputies from the list of SLM

The Central Election Commission has not yet provided information about the number zaregisiravanyh candidates.
According to the Communist Party of Belarus Valery Ukhnalev, 38 representatives of the "left" parties (PKB BSDP (Gromada), the organizing committee of the Party pratsyi and Women’s Party "Nadezhda") recorded 20 seventh 10s challenger candidates denied. In one more last meeting of the Commission. Right-wing parties have counted results.
Vyachorka and Ivashkevich out elections
The district commission has not registered as a candidate for the House of Representatives deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka and Ivashkevich
Grodno: Registered Yaroslav Romanchuk and Sergey Antusevich
In Grodno-North surrounded N51 kanydatam deputies registered representative SLM — Deputy Manager of the Joint civilian party Yaroslav Romanchuk. Second candidate became surrounded Maria Remsha, Grodno city council deputy.

In Grodno-Central electoral environment N50 a candidate registered Sergei Antusevich — BPF members, managing the largest independent trade union of the enterprise campus "Grodno Nitrogen". Also registered two more candidates: Today parliamentarian Sergei Maskevich and managing the regional organization of the Liberal Democratic Party Alexander Mikaluta.
Grodno in the 49th surrounded by five candidates
In Grodno-Zanemanskaya surrounded N49 registered five candidates: BPF members Vadim Saranchukou from one list SLM that are independent candidates — the last political prisoner Alexander Vassiliev and Sergei Kuzmenok, representatives of the authorities — Elected to the House of Representatives Sergey Kamenetsky and chairman of the Grodno City Executive Committee Antoņenko.
Slonim: Registered Ivan Sheha
In Slonim constituency N58 candidate in the list of registered representative of SLM Ivan Sheha, member of the BPF. His competitor will Mieczyslaw Kostyuk — Chairman of the Executive Committee of Slonim.

How is the registration of opposition candidates?
Now recorded 37 candidates from the BPF, UCP BSDP (Gromada) and PKB. 9 opposition challenger refused.
Bridges: Dmitry Kukhlej denied
In Mostovskoi constituency number 56 registered only one candidate, deputy chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee Vasily Stsyapura.

Grodno: UDF candidate registered representative
In Grodno rural constituency number 52 candidate for the registered representative of the United civilian party Victor Padchynenkau, inhabitant of Grodno. His opponent in the election will be a representative BRYU.
S.Salasha not registered
Candidates from the BPF and a list of SLM Sergei Salash, which was put forward by Borisov rural constituency number 62, denied registration as a candidate.
Not registered representative of the pro-governmental Union of Poles

Now the Commission Grodno rural election neighborhood number 52 refused to register a candidate for the House of Representatives 1st of today’s pro-governmental Union of Poles of Governors Tadeusz Kryuchkovsky.

"Cabinet OSCE enough deepened in the Belarusian reality"

Managing the office of the OSCE Minsk Hans-Jochen Schmidt in an interview to "Interfax", said that the opposition should more intensively participate in the elections. These statements sovereign Schmidt commented civilian head of the United Party Anatoly Lebedko:

Fighter V.Karatysh Candidates

Candidate for the House of Representatives election for Luninets number 13 surrounded by UDF nominee registered Vital Karatysh. This was the reason for commanders 465th Missile Brigade Asipovichy submit fighter Karatysh the short-term rental for a role in propaganda work.
Editor "Borisov news" is a complaint to the CEC
Now the Commission Borisov city surrounded polling number 62 has refused to register a candidate for the House of Representatives and the ruler of the editor of "Borisov announcements" Anatol Bukas.
Already know the names of some candidates registered UCP. Minsk Region: Alexander Volchanin, Alexander Tsatsura, Artem Agafonov. Brest: Gregory Creek, Nicholas Chernous. Vitebsk: Vladimir Yurzhitsa, Vladimir Shulga. Gomel region: Leonid Sudalenkaand, Nikolai Gavrilenko, Leonid Orlov.
The largest number of applicants in Minsk 103 (5.2 per place). Grodno and Mogilev regions — from 51 person (3 and 3.9 people per 1 mandate). Brest — 47 (2.9), Minsk (42 (2.5), Grodno (2.9). 7 In the vicinity extends only one person, reports BelaPAN.
Deputies of the National Assembly wish to become chairman of the UCP Anatoly Lebedko, favorite Belarusian Party of Communists Sergei Kalyakin, deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka and Viktor Ivashkevich, favorite of the Belarusian Social Democratic Hulk Stanislav Shushkevich, chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Anatoly Lewkowicz.
August 27 Bureau of the United Democratic Forces asked the head of the Presidential Administration Vladimir Makey with a proposal to discuss the election campaign. Democratic forces propose the addition of the opposition in the precinct election commission to discuss the problem of tolerance own candidates to the municipal media. Namely, to hold televised debates and discussions in the media on a more principled political and socio-economic issues.
First stages of the election campaign, many human rights activists, who are monitoring the elections, evaluate critically. Human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich noted that the presence of election commissions only 0.07% of the representatives of the democratic forces — even less than in the 2004 parliamentary elections, which international democratic society is not recognized as democratic and fair.
Head of the OSCE ODIHR Gert Heinrich Ahrensstressed that "it is important to assess the campaign will be a day of voting and counting procedures." "We are delighted to be able to positively evaluate the elections, but it will depend on their upcoming organization," — said the head of the OSCE ODIHR.
Scheduled for August 31 meeting of the Board of the United Democratic Forces. It will be decided whether the opposition political parties to participate in elections.
The election is scheduled for September 28. After the registration of candidates will step agitation and propaganda.
Managing the Information Center of the United Democratic Forces Yuri Potemkin said that according to preliminary data from 98 candidates from the general list SLM, which came to registration step, record 76 candidates.
Sovereign Potemkin also said the results of registration of candidates from the "right" parties. In BPF of 24 candidates recorded 19. In the United civilian party of 29 people recorded 20 fifth committee members Belarusian Christian Democracy with 8 candidates left 5. Three have not registered, while in Mosty deputies of local councils Dmitry Kuhleya, attended by more than 3-thousand signatures.

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