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The new law "On the rules of the Belarusian orthography and punctuation" will enter into force on 1 September 2010. Practically, this means that the government officially terminated the coexistence of 2-by spelling of Belarusian standards.
June 24 Law "On rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation." Was adopted in the 2nd reading of the House of Representatives approved it on June 28 Council of the Republic, and on July 23 it was signed Alexander Lukashenko. July 26 the law was written in the newspaper "Zvezda".
In accordance with the latest edition of the law, "the municipal authorities, other organizations and citizens of the Republic of Belarus, as foreign citizens and stateless persons, constantly or temporarily living in the areas of the Republic of Belarus shall be governed by the rules of the Belarusian spelling and punctuation, zatsverdzhanymi this law, in all spheres and use cases Belarusian written language. "
Broad discussion of configurations offered in spelling, there was not in the midst of the public, nor even in the midst of professionals.
Founders of the adoption of the law emphasize that they are concerned that the language was measured. Chairman of the Commission on Education, Culture, Science and Scientific and Technological Progress of the House of Representatives Vladimir Zdanowicz says that "rules have become more Belarusian, patriotic and peaceful, in contrast to earlier — militarized and politicized."
By 2010, allowed the introduction of 2-spellings. Violation of the new rules of the Belarusian spelling and punctuation drags responsibility.
The text of the Belarusian law "On the Rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation"
Discussion on the website FREEDOM
A.Lukashanets "tormoznutosti spelling inconsistency"
"Configurations made in accordance with the adopted law, shall not affect the basic principles and basic rules of the Belarusian orthography."
6 promises Kazimir Farino

Deputy Minister of Education Kazimir Farino told about the consequences of the adoption of the new spelling of the Belarusian language.
What kind of language is "Sasha and Sirozha"?
Will punish distortion accepted norms 2-municipal languages?

History configurations Belarusian spelling


First samples were made to restore the Belarusian spelling even 100 years ago by Edward Bud’ko, Boleslaw Pachopka, Anton Lutskevich, yankoy Stankevich and Rudolf Abihtam.
B. Petrovich: "It was necessary to start with a" sign Myagenkaya "

Literary magazine "The verb" goes on his spelling, which amended jokingly called "deyaslovitsay" — a version of the crotch between the Russian "narkomovkoy" and "tarashkevitsa."
Seventeen significant configurations to the latest editions of the rules

Of the 20 2-"heads" to the latest editions of the "Rules of the Belarusian orthography and punctuation" developers have identified seventeen more significant configurations.
V.Bulgakav: "Power is trying to squeeze out" unacceptable projects "

Editor in chief of the magazine "Arche" Valery Bulgakov states that officially registered publications will not be special choice if the question arises of the existence of the magazine in general.

Z.Savka: "New configuration spelling allocated bespryntsypnastsyu"

"The law on the brand new spelling a lot of controversy, a lot of turmoil, a lot of inaccuracies., And in general it is defined, in contrast to previous configurations in 1933 and 1957, bespryntsypnastsyu.


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