Role or boycott — everything will Politsovet SLM

Half thousand representatives of the united democratic forces in the district commissions included 18 people.
August 30 held advanced Soim BPF, which will determine the position of the organization. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the BPF Viktor Ivashkevich. Meanwhile politician shares his gaze to the fact what to do further:

"We must declare that the elections democratically unfair and the most important thing, that there is no control over the vote count. This means that the counting of votes will not be prepared in advance and write the number. In this regard, I believe that the SLM and the BPF should boycott and give the order to withdraw their candidates. Why not immediately? To be able to perform in the municipal media.
There is another position: to participate in elections until the end when all the criteria. I think this is a mistake, because everything is preordained. We have to make responsible political decisions, not hope that power pity us and will not commit repression that suddenly 1-2 BNF members include the Chamber to show the Europeans that we have democratic elections. "
In turn, the head of the Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin convinced that the election campaign and continue to participate:
"I am against the order to withdraw your candidacy. Vybytstse campaign with democratic forces did not give, and only makes life easier for the authorities. Necessary to go through all the steps and justify that the government does not conduct a transparent and democratic elections."

The fact that in the precinct commission was so little opposition representatives, sire Kaljakin subsequent reads:
"Once again, the power to substantiate that its words and deeds crawl. And that change your strategy? This was understandable. A previously allowed? Either previously included in the Commission? In step forming commissions power again received two".
Will participate united democratic forces in the elections or not, will decide on August 31 Politsovet SLM noted favorite UCP Anatol Lyabedzka:

"We will never recognize the results of the election campaign, when we do not have access to the vote count. What will do? This should solve the UDF coalition. Now the situation is 50/50 — or capturing candidates at the moment, to participate further. I believe what you need go so far as conditions allow us and the situation. "
It was the idea of civilian control of the United Party Anatoly Lebedko.
On what you need to participate in the elections, and insists one of the managers of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk) Anatoly Lewkowicz:

"Our party has always been involved in This process. In war as in war. No we will not give democracy and will not. We are a political entity, and we have to fight in all criteria. How penal battalions … Our task — to reach our voters. We realize that we do not change reality mode, but we go to the people and work for the future. Tomorrow the regime itself will fall as so tellt people. "

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