Roman journalist Rigoni — malavyrazny policies

Italian correspondent popular Berlin edition Michael Brown referred Andrea Rigoni malavyraznym politician.
Brown: "Andrea Rigoni is Margarita Party is a center-left bloc party prime minister Romano Prodi. Rigoni By 2006 he was a senator, is currently elected to the Chamber of Deputies. But a significant role both in domestic and foreign policy processes of the country was not played. Pretty malavyrazny policies. hard for me to remember it any notable expression of your country. "
According to the journalist, on his own post Rigoni will sound pro-government stance Prodi. As for the Prime Minister himself, in his own speech to This time it is not much spoken about Belarus. Not so long ago, as chairman of the EC, he is obliged to give explanations to the press that "did not make allegations that Belarus and Ukraine there are no prospects on the way to the EU."
Brown: "To be honest, the Italians are not much involved in the Belarusian theme. It almost sounds during the parliamentary debate. Perhaps soon — in connection with the history of Vika Moroz. Then the Senate committee was created "Helping Mary." But the initiative came from the opposition, and not from the party Prodi. Left Center this situation supported the position of the official Minsk. Unlike Germany, which is solely soon EU presidency began to exhibit some demands that official Minsk to release political prisoners, guarantees political and civilian freedoms in Belarus, Italy makes it much less. "
Meanwhile party meeting PACE political commission, Swiss parliamentarian, PACE rapporteur on Chechnya, Andreas Gross communicating with Liberty said the issue is not the individual speaker most significant.
Gross: "I think a much more fundamental that all our commission wants cardinal configurations in politics Council of Europe on Belarus. Rapporteur will do that he will deliver the commission. "
By Andreas Gross, Andrea Rigoni visit Minsk in the coming weeks.
Pictured: Andrea Rigoni

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