Ruprecht Polenz: Germany and the European Union should reconsider the visa prices for Belarusians

Polents "As for German enthusiasm for the democratic development of Belarus, it is very high. 10 months Milinkevich reversed for the first time spoke to members of the international committee of the Bundestag. At the moment, we invited him again, outlined a number of upcoming Fri cooperation and support Belarusian opposition. Fri midst of these, for example, the reduction of visa prices Belarusian humans. If we wish, that Belarusians get some democratic experience outside, we should be aware that such highest visa fees for most of the population is not possible. "
By Ruprecht Polenz, during a meeting with members of Milinkevich Bundestag German politicians were asked a lot of questions in connection with the last interview of President Lukashenko German edition Yes Velt.
Polents: "I myself said subsequent: Lukashenka should justify certain actions sur» eznasts own goals regarding cooperation with Europe. Such statements should not sound entirely due to the fact that Belarusian management currently the case with Moscow deteriorated. Lukashenko must release all political prisoners, first Kozulin. We do not leave unattended. We will also seek to ensure media freedom Lukashenko and hold free and transparent elections in the future. While these steps will not, it’s all just words on paper. "
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