Russia wins.

Russia wins.
Europe from which to us spokon century stretched uninvited «teacher» — Poles (1612), the Swedes (1709), the French (1812), the Germans (1941) — busy profound introspection vykusyvaniem own economic fleas, and no danger of the Russian Federation shall not be. The enemy will come from afar, from the ocean … And this assumption is unlikely anyone can amaze. Since Fulton speech in 1946, the name of the coming of the enemy for anyone in Russia is not a mystery.

But what seems to be the case peaceful South American farmer to our businesses? What did he want to teach this primordial «ne’er» Russian men? Again that we create is not so? For answers to these questions need to refer to the new scientific doctrine, the so-called Theoretical history.
No evidence presented in this article will not need them to contact the creator of books («The search of the Empire», «Principles of history», «Theory of War»). Here is just a prediction, voiced a few basic concepts of the theory.
The main thing in theory — this provision states that the Imperial walking rhythm. It is very rare, we can say the exceptional rhythm, very energy-intensive and internally revolutionary. Each occurrence of the empire in world history — a unique event. Outside the Imperial Government does not necessarily huge and in most cases quite peaceful. But the story is such that the government reaching imperial rhythm is always a winner — hence the enormity of imperial glory! Historians tend not to focus on the imperial wonders, explain their casual coincidence of events. Them that «Standing on the Ugra» that «death» Armada «, that» the phenomenon of the Arab Caliphate «- all an accident! Theoretical history first built specifically for search and description of such historical wonders here. Today the history of sequences retrieved and carefully described 20 cycles Imperial development length of 144 years («The search of the Empire») and two more cycles in the queue for a detailed description.
The second software Fri theory is the description of the so-called Totalitarian twins. With them a little easier to historians, totalitarian impulses somehow clearer and closer to people because absorb the lowest motives, in what is visible pretty despicable, but completely defined and enjoyable logic. Totalitarian counterparts — short-lived, brutal, brash, always losing historic bout at the decisive moment of the State Historical Monsters … losers — dimensional and trivial examples seemed to be specially designed for school history textbooks under the heading of «you can not live like this.» Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Napoleon, Frederick II, Karl XII, Philip II, and many other historical characters odious …
What have all these resources to shape the modern Russian Federation? It turns out that we are on the threshold of the traditional fight totalitarian empire with their counterparts. Imperial rhythm at the moment is in Russia (1881-2025). Today Russian totalitarian twins cycle had unprecedentedly lot. Three have died (Austria, Japan, Germany). Now turn the final two Monster: Totalitarian double pace in the West — the United States (since 1945) and at the pace of the East — China (1949).
Theoretical intervals to fight the Russian Federation and the United States (2017-2025), the Russian Federation and China (2021-2025) and the United States with China (2021-2029). So Makarov, until the end of the history of war left no measly 12 years (the conflict the U.S. and China will not pass the borders in 2025, since beyond this date, these countries will not be the superpowers).
To at least roughly estimate the future disposition of hassle we must turn to precedents 36-year and 72-year-old.
So: ’72 reverse (from 2017) in 1945, the Americans overcame fiery love to own nedavneshnemu ally (USSR) and unleashed the so-called. «Cold war», in which lay the basis of nuclear blackmail. Fulton speech, which became in fact the case a declaration of war, was accomplished in March 1946. In 1949, nuclear blackmail on the decline (after shock tests for the U.S. in August, Russian bombs), but in 1950 started the Korean War, in which China and the Soviet Union waged war against the United States.
So makarom can imagine that in 2017 or 2018 followed by a series of harsh words from the U.S. to the address of. And in 2021 or 2022 will begin direct conflict with China, the U.S., with the obvious sympathy of the Russian Federation to the Chinese.
Least possible precedent is the prediction for a 36-year lag. Then, at the end of 1979 was introduced «limited contingent» internationalists in Afghanistan. In 1980, the United States initiated a boycott of the Metropolitan Olympiad, Speech to what Ronald Reagan referred to the Soviet Union an «evil empire» uttered in March 1983. In September 1983, the Russian air defense shot down a South Korean plane. Here the prognosis is very similar: Apogee anti-Russian rhetoric have for the period 2016-2019 …
In general, not the main dates: a year earlier, a year later … More important conflict with Russia will be unleashed and the United States completed the defeat of the U.S. is now loud and the actual exception of cowboy country club majestic powers. Future United States is a quiet fate of modern Sweden, Spain, Austria — provincial resort country without any global ambitions …

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