Russian Navy will receive the «Northwind» in late November — early December, said USC

Russian Navy will receive the
Russian Navy will receive a second strategic nuclear submarine «Alexander Nevsky» Project 955 «Borey» November 12, 2013, when it is planned to sign the deed of transfer of the ship to the military.
It is reported to RIA Novosti reports citing the November 8, 2013 the United Shipbuilding Company (USC). Official flag-raising ceremony on the ship can be held in December this year.
Earlier it was reported that «Alexander Nevsky», the first serial ship «Borey» project, will be delivered to the Navy November 15, 2013, writes
After another month, the Navy planned to transfer a second serial submarine Project 955 — «Vladimir Monomakh». By the time the true «Sevmash» built three submarines «Borey» project, the first of which — «Yury Dolgoruky» — entered the Navy of the Russian Federation on January 10.
Second ship of the project — «Alexander Nevsky» — graduated from the marine part of the municipal test October 28, and the «Vladimir Monomakh» is factory tests at the present time, and until December 12, graduates from municipal.
Until 2020, the Russian Navy should take in your own composition in the total difficulties eight submarines «Borey» project, the first three of which are built on the underlying project, and the other 5 will be built on the modernized 955A.
Tonnage of ships of 24 thousand tons. Submarine can carry up to 16 ballistic missiles R-30 «Bulava-30» any. They are also armed with six torpedo tubes 533 mm.

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