Russian-Polish affairs experiencing another step exacerbation

Commenting on the likely extension of the list of Polish products whose import your area Tipo plans to ban Our homeland, Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that case Warsaw will be the right to seek such sanctions by the Euro alliance against Moscow.
Kaczynski: "If Our homeland will go to such a step, it will not be out of the question, so we gave up on its own veto the start of negotiations between Moscow and Brussels as for new cooperation agreement. Apart from this, we formally demand from the EU retaliatory steps against Russia. "
The other day in the Russian media reported that Our homeland that wants to ban, among other imports of Polish pharmaceutical and cosmetics, totaling about two billion dollars a year to punish the Poles for the tenacity with which they do not agree to start negotiations between Moscow and the EU.
Meanwhile Poland has said it will not give permission to start negotiations with Moscow, Brussels, until Our homeland will not cancel an embargo on imports of Polish meat and products of vegetable origin. Because introduced in November 2005 embargo, Polish producers have lost by various estimates about half a billion euros.
Poland has repeatedly sounded statements that measures RF have only a political nature. "Moscow presses on Poland in order to see how Europe will be jointly and severally," — said now recognizable columnist Cezary Michalski.

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