RUSSIAN TANKS send thousands to Siberia, to show their strength, China — Chinese sources

RUSSIAN TANKS send thousands to Siberia, to show their strength, China - Chinese sources
Not so long ago in the Sea of ​​Japan, China and Our homeland naikrupneyshim conducted naval exercises, which led the crowd of U.S. and Japan, in the current time Our homeland holds the biggest post-Soviet military exercises in the east of the country that characterizes Moscow’s concern with regard to China, writes Chinese website July 17.
Our homeland is now tossed a thousand tanks in Siberia, in the maneuvers are participating 10s warships and 130 aircraft. Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said that these exercises are not targeted against the adjoining states, but independent Russian military analyst Alexander Hramchihin believes that the ground part of the exercise is designed to contain China, as part of the sea and air maneuvers carried out to intimidate the land of the rising sun. If not, then neuzh Our homeland tossed a thousand tanks in Siberia for the Defense of Mongolia? — Asks the creator of the article.
Moscow worries that China’s economic growth has become a prerequisite that increasingly and more Chinese are engaged in business in Russia, Chinese economic and political influence in the eastern part of the country increasingly expanding. Russian population continues to decline, the combat capability of the armed forces weakens and China will attack Siberia, Our homeland will suffer a crushing defeat in the «any time.» These exercises are useful in order to show their strength preventively China.
Not so long ago, fellow of the Washington Center for Strategic and International research Jeffrey Mankoff (Jeffrey Mankoff) published an article stating that the Sino-Russian alliance against the U.S. is likely. These countries need each other for confrontation internationalist order, led by the United States. In the long term, China and Our homeland is interested in strengthening more closely economic and political ties, this factor is stronger than the relationship between the U.S. and Europe.
Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent attention to the development of Russian-American relations and said that they are more important than the problem with Snowden (Edward Snowden, a former CIA and NSA USA, June 23, located in the international terminal of Sheremetyevo Airport — approx. «VP «). Putin did not wish to, that U.S. President Barack Obama canceled the visit on your own the G20 summit in St. Petersburg, which will be held in September this year.

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