Russian tariffs for the transit of oil to grow by a third part

"Taking into account the long-term actions previously set tariffs for the transit of oil through terrain Republic of Belarus and significant rise in its pumping during this period (in primarily due to the increase of energy prices), RUE "Gomeltransneft Friendship" and concern "Belneftekhim" to compensate for the cost of naming addressed a proposal to change the tariffs for transit transportation of oil through the pipelines by regions Republic of Belarus "- The report says the Ministry of Economy.
New tariffs introduced February 15, reports BelaPAN. By Unecha-Mozyr-Adam (country of delivery — Germany and Poland) rate per 1 ton of oil net increases from 2.6 to 3.5 dollar (34.6%), for the Unecha-Mozyr-Brody (Hungary, Slovakia , Czech Republic, Ukraine) — from 1.14 to 1.5 dollar (31.6%).
Economy Ministry emphasizes that the rates adopted "on the basis of the average specific tariff for oil transportation system of JSC" AK "Transneft" on the terrain Russian Federation — 0.6 U.S. dollar per 1 ton per 100 km route. "
"It must be emphasized — the report says — that at the moment tariffs for the transit of oil to neighboring countries is higher than the level of tariffs in Republic of Belarus. Thus, in Poland transit tariff for oil in the direction of Germany — 0.9 dollars per 100 t / km, Republic of Belarus in this direction — 0.41. In Ukraine, the transit tariff for oil to Hungary, Slovakia — 0.89 bucks in Republic of Belarus in the indicated direction — 0.53 dollars per 100 t / km. The tariff for the transit of Kazakh oil pumping through the terrain Russian Federation is 0.73 dollars per 100 t / km. "
Operating current time tariffs for pumping Russian oil transit through Belarus agreed area, excluding value added tax on the basis of the Protocol harmonization of tariffs for Belarusian oil trunk pipelines pumping Russian oil for export of 14 December 1995 and entered into force on January 1, 1996 year. To This time certain tariffs have not been revised, reports BelaPAN.

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