S. Kalyakin: Power again received an F

"Once again, the power to substantiate that its words and deeds crawl. And that change your strategy? This was understandable. A previously allowed? Either previously included in the commission?" — Asked rhetorically policies.
"Now there is a position on the SLM elections. On the step of forming the commissions received power again deuce. And what further will do united democratic force, they decide to August 31, "- said the emperor Kalyakin.
He also shared his idea: "I am against the order to withdraw your candidacy. Vybytstse with campaign did not give the democratic forces, but only simplifies life power. Need to go through all the steps and justify, that power does not conduct transparent and democratic elections. Proceeding from this, will be made assessment: international and domestic. "

Tags: elections, Kalyakin

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