S.Skrebets: Lukashenko is silent, so fills cost

"Lukashenko will trade: not to increase cost of gas, recognize the election results in House of Representatives. He is silent, as the cost of stuffing. On present day agreement about gas. Talks postponed to September. Because Lukashenko and pulls because there are no guarantees, "- said the politician.

"I believe that over time, Minsk recognizes these republics" — convinced S.Skrebets.
"Our homeland is not from the beginning of the recognition. Necessary to recognize and independence of Tibet from China, there is also the question of recognition of independence of Ichkeria. Such Fri on the map a lot. If all accept, may begin the third global war," — said the deputy last House of Representatives Sergei Skrabets.

Tags: Skrabets Ossetia, Abkhazia

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