S. Vainshtok: Actions in January showed the correctness of our course

But Weinstock convinced of the need of conservation partnerships and good neighborly relations with the Belarusian oil transportation companies.
"Between" Transneft "and our Belarusian staff saved the usual sincere neighborly working affairs. Believe that they will not change in the future", — said S. Vainshtok.
The "full understanding of what happened, of course, yet to come. But the main lesson — is a stark reminder to us all of the need to mutually respectful, equitable, taking into account the interests and benefits each other. Reminder that more important than the ability to resolve conflicts in a relationship, and the ability to prevent their general appearance, "- says S. Vainshtok. He singled, that at the moment "Friendship" is working properly, and, him, "This is true not only of the pipeline."

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