Schekintsy won the World Cup for juniors akvatlonu

Team Club "Aquanaut"Children's Creativity Center City Schekino Tula region successfully participated in the competitions of the World Cup akvatlonu Championships.

The National Centre "Ukraine"Took place in Yalta World Cup by akvatlonu Championships, which brought together teams of Israel, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The Russian team was represented by athletes from the three regions, including the Tula region and provided the team "Aquanaut" Shchekino Children's Creative Center.

Athletes from different countries knowingly chose this place, because the equipment in the center of Yalta is on the highest level. 75 athletes from 14 teams here have demonstrated great skill and a real fighting spirit.


In general, the competition for akvatlonu are as follows. On two opposite sides of the pool at the bottom were fixed two hoops that are "inputs" for opposing athletes in the ring. On the command "start" participants dived into the pool, each of them went through a hoop, and then tried to disrupt the opponent's legs with a ribbon. The competitors were given two attempts for thirty seconds, and the winner of the round is the one who first showed the ribbon above the water.

Schekinskie athletes were very successful. As a result of competition the first place was won by Victoria Nosov. In our other athletes — Dina Sembayeva — the third result. Also third in his age group and took Alexander Fedkin.

As a result, the team Schekinskoe Children's Creative Center total team took first place at the World Cup akvatlonu Championships.

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