School number 12 Kazan opened in a new building

Kazan Secondary School number 12, "Mishpahteynu", also known in Kazan as "Jewish." For the new school year educational institution has received a new additional building, making it more comfortable conditions for students and teachers.

School number 12, located in the heart of Kazan, on ul.Mardzhani near a lake Kaban special. In addition to the compulsory subjects of the state educational standards in the subjects taught her so-called Jewish cycle: Hebrew, history, literature, geography and traditions of the state of Israel.

At the same time, the educational institution is international, it teaches children of different nationalities.

How to tell the headmaster Olga Trupp, a new building was erected that said "from scratch" as soon as possible — for the first 9 months. In addition to the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, has allocated funds for the construction of the building, financial and other assistance was also Mayor of Kazan, various organizations and individuals. Plaque with their names installed in the lobby of the school.

According to the director, today in school has 569 children. "The school is very popular. It was very crowded. Last year had to deal with in the hall, in the library. There was a need for more space. To date, the new building learning 8th grade — from the 1st to the 4th. Now they have a dance hall, a gym, rooms for additional classes, that is something that we could not give the children in the old building, "- explained the need for the construction of a new building O.Trupp. She said the cost of the project amounted to about 125 million rubles.
During the visit of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan in the school classes were going. First head of the republic held the office of Hebrew, where there was a lesson. Pupils welcomed guests in Hebrew. Teachers showed Rustam Minnikhanov as organized educational process — the lesson was conducted online with the participation of teachers from Israel. Leaving the class, the President of Tajikistan signed the sheet of paper, which is then put into a special "memory box" that houses autographs honored guests of the school.
Then Minnikhanov visited the offices of the Tatar and Russian languages, as well as an elementary school. In addition, the President has shown choreography hall, where the head of state and other guests watched a concert performed by the ensemble "Sevivon." After the young musicians finished the performance, Olga Trupp handed Rustam Minnikhanov, Ilsur Metshin and Michael Skoblionku diplomas "The best friend of the school."

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