Schools are encouraged to find books written off

Presidential Decree on the transition to the 11-year study appeared in the midst of July, and new textbooks for such little time before the new school year to prepare unreal. Because all teachers are encouraged to use the web.
Director of the State Institute of Education, Ministry of Education Gennady Thumb said:
"We are trying to resolve all issues. Example, calendar thematic planning, which we placed on the website of the Institute, allows to coordinate all the textbooks that will be used in a new school year. Every day around 5 thousand people visit our website, and we we see, that they are pulling together information on the calendar and thematic planning. "
So, in many subjects of calendar-themed plans on the website is there, but a foreign language, for example, no. In This year vary considerably applets in foreign languages, reducing the number of hours. Already saying that there will be difficulties with the so-referred to as "primed" classes: the ninth and eleventh, because in the future, the expected release of two basic schools and two high school issue. Gennady Finger explains that on the website separately designated programs from these classes:
"It’s the same textbooks twelve schools, but in the first half will have to use one textbook, and in the 2nd half — second. So makarom, have to share between classes, is, of course, the situation is languid — transition plans for these students. "
Reporter: "But can we say that all kids will receive textbooks, stop them?"
"That’s enough, I can read guaranteed, but may appear disorder. Maybe must be distribute textbooks between adjacent schools. "
Teachers have a different view: the greatest problem is with textbooks. Clarifies principal:
"Since segodnyaschy ninth grade (which previously trained 12 + yrs) program there is on the tenth grade, they should be giving away books for a tenth grade. Classes that are going on the 11-year program that also require these same textbooks. And ninth-bar, to be year two basic schools go, as required textbooks 10th classes. In other words, one set of books, and two or three parallels should be trained on the same textbooks. And they are simply not enough. "
There may be delays in September with textbooks on drawing, Chemistry, Belarusian literature that have printed — said Sergey Thumb. But until the end of September issue of providing all students with textbooks must be resolved:
"I’m counting on it. It’s very fundamentally that there was no turmoil inside the school to teachers, methodologists themselves sorted out. And we do everything Likely to it was not. We spent at the Academy of Postgraduate Education seminar for several hundred trainers at regional education. , We hope that they are right, so to speak, transmit information to other supervisors, librarians. So expect that any disruption will not be. But still can be … "
Ministry of Education of each day in the school come tips: recommended, for example, to find a very old books in 1998 (long already written off) and use them. Director of the school is aware of other tips:
"It is recommended to give a general outline of topics. Well let more arithmetic can be given standard tasks. A possible children to give a synopsis of chemistry, biology, physics? It is also recommended to distribute textbooks to class and leave school — and that the kids will be at home to do homework on what to do? "
September usually first ancestors pay via bank price of textbooks and school must provide textbooks for all students. Maybe the children and their parents this year will have to drag the program and job training from the website of the State Institute of Education.

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