Schools prepare for cuts

At this point, control of most schools counts the number of hours, distributes the load. Will there be massive layoffs of teachers?
And teachers, and officials from the Ministry of Education — the height of the holidays. But passion around school reform last — due to the cancellation of some school subjects, reducing the number of hours on the research subjects and the transition from 12 to 11 yrs-notch. Head of Secondary Education, Ministry of Education on vacation, and his deputy was terse:
"I can not comment until I give permission management. Sovereign Farino give the nod, then I can say something. All comments only from his permission. Understand, I’m a man city. "
Geography teacher from Minsk, who works in a school with an economic bias, confirmed that the new training plans and programs from her school received, but retold concern own colleagues:
"And at the moment so that we beheld a picture — no clarity to the end. Now we will not have any mathematical or physical, no other classes. By location, for example, each parallel was two hours a week. Will be one hour. One teacher becomes superfluous. Singing will not — do not need a teacher. artistic culture was removed, the subject "Man, society, the government" is also removed, in profile — arithmetic and British English — teachers also reduced. According to our school, only about 20 people. "
Former director of special, but at the moment the ordinary high school number 19 in Minsk Jora Liakhovich said that management has it all figured out:
"Reducing the teachers in our school will not. We had a school with a mathematical bent. Currently, this bias is canceled. Classes in-depth study will be ordinary arithmetic classes. But that positive: added many hours on the school component. This electives. There are intrigued capable of kids — the teacher can engage the children with five very frisky pace. Not because earlier class — 25 people. Currently, there are 5 people, a statement from the parents are — and we are opening this group. If we all figured out, the issues and reductions we have. "
President of the Society of Belarusian schools Ales Lozko convinced:
"Reduction will, while reducing significant. They relate not only whiteRussian language and literature, history, the number of hours for which reduced as the global and Russian artistic culture — such objects in general will not be. Reducing concern almost all specialties — various profiles of schools thrown, foreign languages, physics, mathematics. Everywhere will be significant reductions. "

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