Schwabe summed up the year

February 26, 2013 Sergei Maxine, General Director of JSC "Schwabe" told reporters leading media Yekaterinburg (from 2011, the organization is registered in the capital of the Urals) on the results of the financial and economic activities of the holding in 2012 and future development plans.

The main event of the year for the holding company was the completion of the process of corporatization of state unitary enterprises within its structure. Thanks to the joint-stock form of ownership enterprises to go out of the stock markets and debt markets, including foreign ones. In addition, a key shareholder "Schwabe" decided to transfer the shares organizations belonging to the holding in the property "Schwabe".

In 2013, for the first time prepared and signed by the consolidated financial statements of the leading enterprises of the holding department "UOMZ" in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, which is a key stage in the placement of the shares in the public market (IPO), scheduled for 2016-2017.

As for predictions, then, according to Sergei Maxine, net income, "Schwabe" in 2012 will amount to 934 million rubles, which is 113% more than the previous year, and in 2013 predicted profit — 1,051 million rubles. The increase in net income was due primarily to the increase in the portfolio, including contracts related to the implementation of the national strategy for upgrading the Russian army. The expected rate of revenue in 2012 was 26.012 billion rubles (+ 127% by 2011), in 2013 this figure should reach 31468 million.

To date, the holding company produced 6,000 names of high-tech products for military and civil purposes, optical materials, medical equipment, energy-efficient lighting equipment, which come in 85 different countries around the world. Holding share in the production of electro-optical systems for military purposes in the Russian market is 83%, in the manufacture of optical materials — 72%. In addition, "Schwabe" made a significant part of the Russian medical technology and energy-saving materials.

In 2012, "Schwabe" spent on R &D 3.732 trillion rubles — 48% more than in 2011. Amount of the estimated cost in 2013 — 4.202 trillion rubles. Each year of the holding registers 150-170 patents. A striking example of the priority innovation projects is the development of marine laser system and the creation of opto-electronic system for the newest Russian fighter.

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