Secret weapon off the coast of Syria. To learn how to listen to Russian sailors of the U.S. Navy ships

Secret weapon off the coast of Syria. To learn how to listen to Russian sailors of the U.S. Navy ships
— Sovereign President, we have to rename the 6th Fleet in the 5th.
— Yes, yes. I realized.
Again an urgent call.
— Sorry, sire president. It is now in the 4th.

Wherever they went looking for them. Destroyers «Gravel» (Gravely), «Barry» (Barry), «Mahan» (Mahan), «Ramage» (Ramage) and «Stout» (Stout) for a single moment did not fall out of the focus of our sailors — no action U.S. Navy ships is not going unnoticed Russian squadron off the coast of Syria.

Unique Russian equipment allows us to «shine through» second fleet through — Russian Navy can not only capture the start of cruise missiles «Tomahawk», but even to define the start of preparation for their launch. All radio communications and satellite communication lines, the work of detection, electronic warfare and combat information systems of all ships of the Sixth Fleet under our control — Russian sailors have a clear understanding of the situation on board the American destroyers and able to act in advance to anticipate the «potential enemy» to change the features of the electric fields.

Quite trivial task.

Rumble in the midst of mayhem and cod from the huge amount of radio-electronic means U.S. Navy ships, united combat information and control system «Aegis»:

— functional radar AN/SPY-1;
— station identification «friend or foe» AN/UPX-29;
— hardware complex LAMPS III, allowing to integrate helicopter antisubmarine defense system of the ship;
— automatic search subsystem and localization of defects aboard Mk545;
— automatic subsystem SWG-1 for fire control ASM «Harpoon»;
— automatic fire-control subsystem Mk86;
— automatic antiaircraft fire control subsystem Mk99;
— automatic anti-submarine weapon control subsystem Mk116;

as navigation and radar AN/SPS-64 AN/SPS-67, radar target illumination AN/SPG-62, equipment sonar system AN/SQQ-89, air defense systems of self-defense «Phalanx», communications and data exchange LINK-4A, LINK 11, LINK 16,

Russian mariners should fix MAIN — the moment of switching subsystem blocks SWG-3.

At that instant flash and zapulsiruet blood-red fire control panel missile weapon in the Aegis BMD-destroyer, reviving computers and bandwidth data transfer — in homing cruise missiles «Tomahawk» last orders will flow and the coordinates of the start.

Secret weapon off the coast of Syria. To learn how to listen to Russian sailors of the U.S. Navy ships

Panel SWG-1 to control anti-ship missiles, «Harpoon»

Strictly speaking, the system SWG-3 is only just link the perineum — the flight paths and goals for «Hatchet» chosen in advance, on the beach, in specialized centers for flight missions in Norfolk and Camp Smith (Hawaii). Ship equipment allows only load ready digital elevation maps along the route of flight needed to run the navigation system TERCOM, as «picture» goals for optical guidance system «DiDzhisMek» on final line of motion. Heck, «Axe» works like a cheap killer of a second-rate Hollywood blockbuster!

In addition, kamikaze robots need information about the coordinates of the starting point — in another inertial gyroscopes fail to bring «Tomahawk» in the area of ​​the first adjustment on the coast of the enemy (relefometrichesky TERCOM useless when flying over the sea — water everywhere similar). All of these data come in GOS cruise missile specifically for the starting point.

Secret weapon off the coast of Syria. To learn how to listen to Russian sailors of the U.S. Navy ships

SLCM «Tomahawk» comes from the nasal OHR Mk41 destroyer USS Farragut (DDG-99)

Activation of the electrical units SWG-3, followed by turning on and finish checking launchers Mk41, gives rise to particular conclusion: inside the destroyer U.S. Navy began preparing to launch «Hatchet». War will begin in the coming hours!

But how to find this critical moment? How to seep into an impregnable bastion of «Crusaders and world Zionism» and look over the most hidden places on the ship of the U.S. Navy, where you do not even have access to many of the members of his crew?

Solid walls are boards without one porthole. Below deck launchers, hidden from the eyes of an outsider observer. Nestled deep in the ship’s combat information center. Motionless phased radar antenna AN/SPY-1 … external examination of Aegis destroyers, will do nothing but electric waves, moving at a speed of 300,000 km / second, penetrate beyond the boundaries of the deaf walls and «Loose» all the secrets of the U.S. Navy.

But let me! After all, the Russian Federation is not currently available electronic intelligence centers in the Middle East, similar not so long ago closed REC Lourdes in Cuba or global network of Radio espionage «Echelon», owned by the U.S. National Security Agency.
The answer is simple: electronic interception system are specifically aboard Russian ships, vigilantly guarding the coast of Syria.

S.S.V. Funny enemy Bane

In the history of naval warfare there are many instances when the contractions were won thanks to high-quality intelligence work. Cognition — the power! Extracted intelligence information — one of the important qualities of strategy and strategy, it gives you the opportunity to open the pre-defined plans and types of threats by the enemy.
Systematic observation and tracking of potential enemy forces in peacetime is one of the main criteria of efficiency and provide superior combat readiness of the modern Navy.

Development of electronic means of radio communications and radars on Navy necessitated constant surveillance ships of the enemy, not only in the visible, and in the radio-wave spectrum of the electric range.

Radio intercept communication channels at all frequencies. Telemetry intelligence — must be aware of all weapons of novelties «potential enemy.» Electronic reconnaissance — definition of accessory features of radio sources on board enemy ships. Measurements of physical fields, acoustic and electric drawing «portraits» of ships and submarines.

Very principled and responsible work, on which depends the efficiency of the entire Navy.

Special reconnaissance ships are in almost all the navies of the world, but especially the development of this class got in our country. Hidden behind besprityazatelnym designation CERs (vessel connection), scout ships (BRD) has become one of the main arguments of the Soviet Navy. A cheap, numerous and vsesuschie — weaving large and small marine spies infesting Oceans, did not leave the «potential enemy» chance to be alone. No step of the South American fleet could not go unnoticed from view Russian commander.

Secret weapon off the coast of Syria. To learn how to listen to Russian sailors of the U.S. Navy ships

A helicopter from the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk examines intelligence ship SSV-208 «Kurils.» Pacific, 2005.

Simple improvisation based on obsolete destroyers, trawlers and cargo vessels — «cloak and dagger» were not needed sverhskorost and super-weapon, their safety was ensured political and military power of Russian Union. Poruha such a «pelvis» would have meant the world to the brink of nuclear war. The only thing that we were able to do in such a situation the Americans — to storm CER insults or jokes Sheepish:

To the attention on the part of these «craft» South American crews treated very leniently than once teased awkward «spies».
At one point in May 1967 in the Mediterranean Sea itself, «fisherman» tried to approach the aircraft carrier. With his deck immediately rose F-8, which made set to «target» … and let the brake shield, from the niche which fell on Russian ship rolls of toilet paper! ..
— from the website

Unlike real estate agents 007, Russian marine scouts do not get technology «stealth» and other spy devices — indeed, why all efforts to decrease the visibility, if the «potential enemy» is practically a stone’s throw — he can wave your hand from the deck.

Hiding behind the Russian flag, small unarmed CER boldly approached the carrier strike groups, nuclear cruisers and destroyers of the U.S. Navy squadrons — the Yankees only gnashed his teeth in anger, but in accordance with accepted international rules could not even make diplomatic claims. Observation is in neutral waters — Russian ship is entitled to be where he pleases. Trying to break away from the annoying guest, developing a 30-knot speed, was doomed to failure — after a few hours distraught race straight ahead there is another «vessel connection.»

Secret weapon off the coast of Syria. To learn how to listen to Russian sailors of the U.S. Navy ships

The submarine K-324 wounded on the South American secret screw antenna TASS and lost speed. Obviously, first came to the place of incident NE-506 «Nakhodka» — 10 days of a small scout drove U.S. Navy destroyers, trying to get out of the water balances hidden antenna. In the background — USS Peterson (DD-969). Sargasso Sea, 1983

Also features a repeater station and electronic intelligence, Russian CER solve puzzles control sea lanes, fixing all the movements of ships «potential enemy.» Pack CER weeks comped South American aircraft carrier groups — could arbitrarily make fun malehankih «spies» and throw them in rolls of toilet paper, but in case of actual combat CERs could trivially «surrender» of the Yankees in the hands of the Soviet Navy warships, passing coordinates U.S. squadron on drums cruisers and submarines.

Small scout inevitably die the death of the brave, but the payoff will be ruthless — kutsee through time at the square fly Russian missiles and will kill everything they meet on the way. Far away the Yankees still do not have time — data transferred CERs before his death, will be burning for a few more hours.

This sentence was «elusive» and «invulnerable» AUG — Russian fleet, thanks to its countless ships communication firmly «held a pistol to his temple,» the U.S. Navy.

A lot of time was carried out sea scouts nearby landfills U.S. Navy and NATO countries, closely following firing guns and rocket launches. Each new ship «potential enemy» fell under the close attention of CERs — closer to the maximum distance a little, our sailors embarked on painstaking research another masterpiece of American design ideas — escort cruiser «Leahy» atomic «California», Aegis cruiser, «Ticonderoga» … .

Were measured electric field sensitive equipment complex electronic intelligence «coolness» proceeded to the identification of sources of electric radiation on board the alien ship.
We knew about them almost all!

As time went on … irreversibly changed fleet. In our days of Russian CER noticeably heard in size. From vulgar form refitted ore carriers, tugs and trawlers no trace — modern spies Russian Navy special built reincarnated as graceful ships with even more impressive abilities own radio complex.

The presence of similar ships off the coast of Syria, many «strains» of our Western friends:

In the Mediterranean, there are two Russian intelligence ship, stuffed with new electronic equipment. Russian BRD fix not only the launching of missiles of any type, but even training «Tomahawk» for launch, which is conducted inside the ship.
— Lieutenant Colonel Retired U.S. Air Force, a military analyst Rick Franconia statement made live CNN

Indeed, in a situation of likely U.S. military intervention in the internal affairs of Syria, this situation threatens the failure of the whole operation — the Yankees lose, not having to make the first move. Russian sailors simultaneously zasekut process of preparing for the launch of «Hatchet» on U.S. naval ships and report about it «upstairs». Of course, these data will be borne by the Syrian military command table earlier than the commander-Aegis destroyers will stick the key in the starter panel of cruise missiles.

Probably many of you came assumption about the direct impact on homing American missiles — the most powerful microwave pulses that can destroy the fragile electronics rocket incorrect radio command to self-destruct (new RGM-109E Tactical Tomahawk had the opportunity to be reprogrammed in flight) or of something like that nibudt …

The creator does not have similar information, but fluctuate ingenuity Russian kulibinyh not necessary. Maybe that is also such an option.

Secret weapon off the coast of Syria. To learn how to listen to Russian sailors of the U.S. Navy ships

Deck shock X-47B UAV

In this regard, it is a curious situation with drones U.S. Navy — as the act affects American UAV electronic intelligence ship of the Russian Navy? The answer seems to be natural — an attempt to «attack» CER rolls of toilet paper with an unmanned drone shock X-47B will end in tears for the Yankees — a super-plane at one point out of control operators and gently «land» on the water. Just as happened with the South American unmanned drone RQ-170 «Sentinel» in the airspace of Iran (according to one version, the Iranians «have landed» RQ-170 using the Russian complex electronic warfare «Depot»).

But who knows — what if the same equipment installed on board the Russian NE?

Head «ship communication» project 18280, created to counter maritime component of the U.S. missile defense system. Full displacement — 4260 tons. Crew — 120 people. Cruising range — 8,000 miles at a speed of 16 knots. Under the plan, the second ship of this project — «Ivan Khurs» — Will be laid November 14, 2013

The paper used materials from the book The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapons Systems, 1997-1998. Creator: Norman Friedman

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