Seltzer will trade in games with the West

"It is sad that the judge advocate. There such method salami, implementation of several charges to strengthen later at least some one of them to throw in a sentence of at least one of the charges. This salami is obvious indication that the investigation lured by the ears these charges. "
According to Rinkevich, Chief enthusiasm Belarusian side is in charge of commercial espionage.
"Economic toward more entertaining for those special services that stand behind the arbitrators and the prosecution … of course, that in the wake of the diplomatic conflict between the U.S. and Belarus lawyer Zeltser proved itself as a victim as Alexander Kozulin. And certainly, Belarusian side currently scoff E. Zeltser and, of course, also takes revenge for these economic sanctions.
Because there are many qualities of this case and of course, that decision will be made at the top. I think. that the conviction will be imposed, and later Zeltser understand the fate of political prisoners — specifically they will be to trade in games with the West. "

Tags: Rinkevich, Zeltser Tribunal

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