Sergei Hareuski: Creative feat Napoleon Orda has no analogues

Michas Scoble: "Sergey, I know that you recently made the pilgrimage to Vorotsevichi, home of the Horde. What’s that at the moment, how to commemorate the famous countryman? "
Sergei Harevsky: "First you need to pay tribute to the authorities of the Ivanovo region, having a project to restore syadiby Horde, a plan to make an art center for musical performances for gallery activities. Were conducted excavations on the site ordavskay manor, discovered the foundation, coving, all outbuildings. All foundations manor fortunately survived. Stay and old alleys. Because now we can read: really return from Vorotsevichi estate Horde. Ibid, at Vorotsevichi in an old school building, is the Museum of Napoleon Orda, which exhibited his pictures, photos. It is also worth mentioning outstanding monument Horde architect Igor Golubev, who decorates the central square Yanov-P. "
Scoble: "Horde on the monument has little" musketeer "look thanks to hat with a feather."
Hareuski "Just architect allocated one event. Painters use in their work not only hands, and all that is at hand, in including field their own hats. Horde used his hat as trymalku pen, which from time to time make additional padmalevku own works — ink. "
Scoble: "Napoleon Orda studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Institute, Vilnius, studied music in Paris … And when and where he captured the artist’s profession?"
Hareuski: "This is one of the greatest mysteries of his biography. How Horde became a patriot, to realize simple: his father was a principled Bonapartist (coincidence he gave offspring that name). Horde no coincidence Svislochskiy studied in school, the one where he studied later Kastus Kalinowski. No coincidence Horde participated in a secret student society "Zoriane" and then — in the uprising of 1831. And even was commander of the rebel group. But life Horde studied music and beheld himself first pianist. After the defeat of the uprising he was in Paris, where he became friends with Frederick Chopin and continued his musical education is coupled with it. Where did Napoleon Orda drawing so thirsty, who was exactly his teachers Inscription? — We, unfortunately, do not know yet. attention is drawn to the event and that the Horde took up his brush at the age of 54 years. "

Scoble: "growing and becoming Napoleon Orda happened between uprisings with 2 — 1831 and 1864. Moreover, if in the first, he took an active part, during the second went to Belarus and sketched an old manor. Imagine how it blamed local patriots . Why did it happen: Is pencil and brush at a crucial moment can change the sword and the union? "
Hareuski: "Here, perhaps, lies one of the clues … Fully allowance that the Horde could do the role of the rebel dispatcher. Disguised as an artist, he could sketch the strategic objects, could be engaged in exploration. Indeed, the geography of his wanderings practically coincides with the geography of the main rebel fighting Grodno region, Vilenschina, Vitebsk region, central Minsk region. entire region was active during the fighting in their own feathered hat bypass and bypass Orda. He must have had a presentiment of what will happen to the characters rebel estates. He knew what would happen to the church, monasteries, landscapes, he realized that soon everything will change beyond recognition. Orda Because all this hurry assure snatch from the flames of the monuments of our culture. "

Resurrection Church, town hall, Bernardinski monastery with the Church of St. church. Anthony Vitebsk
Scoble: "Many people from the Belarusian lands in Warsaw and Krakow, and in Paris called themselves stressed Litvins. Possible to mention here the names of Adam Mickiewicz, Kosciuszko. And who felt themselves Orda?"
Harevsky: "First, citizen and patriot of Belarus, in other words what was then Lithuania. His artistic contribution in Belarus is incomparably greater than the contribution that actually concerns ethnic Poland. Ordavskiya marginal sketches of Poland, they have not made him the glory which he acquired before lithography hundred square meters, invested in three luxury albums that brought him worldwide fame. And certainly, the Horde can safely assume that our only, Belarusian artist. About what was the identity of the Horde, evidenced, for example, a letter to him from Chopin. Chopin congratulates Horde with the birth of son Witold and longs to him, "Lord vypestue good guy for you-Litvin." I think this is not the case. "
Scoble: "In some images of the Horde’s stamp of the censor. I understand why the royal censorship stalked clubs, but that could be contained in sedition ordavskih figures?"
Harevsky: "Let’s imagine for a logical series ordavskih albums: Moniuszko birthplace, birthplace of Kosciusko, birthplace Dunin-Marcinkiewicz Mickiewicz birthplace, birthplace Chechot … built entirely clear patriotic number. Horde before bessmyarotsiv memorial places heroes patriots and rebels in 1831 1864, figures in our culture. Already starting from the 1st, we litsezreem completely understandable plainclothes position Horde. His works are not fastened patriotic feeling, and tsvelili question is why this region is now called? clear that Russian authorities could not create sedition in the work of the Horde. "
Scoble: "Strongly many works are preserved in museums Horde Krakow, Warsaw, Lvov. And where you can see the artist’s works in Belarus?"
Hareuski: "A small number of drawings of the Horde has the State Museum of History of Culture, the State Archives. But before we can look albums lithographs. Thankfully, in recent years, went through two editions. But, unfortunately, with viewpoint printing they do not go to any comparison with authentic editions and even with the gorgeous facsimile album dedicated to Grodno, and Vilenschina Kovenshchyne, which was released in Poland in 1992. Belarusian printers still work and work to achieve good properties. "
Scoble: "Today we can name examples of the revival of old farmhouses — kastsyushkavskay Merochovschine, mitskevichavskaga Zaosje. Do you think if that helps in restoration of Napoleon Orda ancient building landscapes? Either they have irrevocably lost? "
Hareuski: "Some monuments to us and survived only watercolors Horde. For example, Osveyskoye palace and church on Verhnyadvishchyne, luxurious church in Zabela-Volynets, where he was beautiful Dominican Collegium and theater. Irretrievably lost monastery Smilavichy known Haynuvsky church on Logoyschine … And Horde lithographs all that remained. And this, of course, a feat Napoleon Orda, with whom can not daravnatstsa no other painter in the European scale. Nobody took on such a huge task: to fix everything that was under threat of liquidation Russian occupation authorities. Analogs such artistic treasures just yet.
A restore or not to restore one or the other object — should be taken stern decision. Old manor should not be restored just for recovery must saturate a certain sense. And this civilization should desire. If we now return to a useful object, we, thanks to the Horde, and we know about it almost everything: litsezreem landscape around alleys, we see, looked like flower beds, Basket, we present that were life itself, the then atmosphere, etc. All that from time to time even the best photograph will not give. Every estate on Horde we can return to the last detail. "
Scoble: "Compared with our other well-known figures of culture and history, the memory of Napoleon Orda immortalized worthy. Add another fact: the 200th anniversary of the artist in the National Bank issued a proclamation commemorative coin. And what else should I do to get out quite vvidochnivsya personality of Napoleon Orda ? "
Hareuski: "Unfortunately, in Minsk is no street name
d after Napoleon Orda. She be. Certainly, topical edition of the album it was colored watercolors. Such album generally unavailable. Very many have to do our musicologists as Horde — excellent composer. Now, only a few have heard him sound Polonaise. As a painter vvyadomivsya Horde and even famous, but we have felt his soul through his music. "

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