Shchekinoazot introduce methanol complex in July


"Shchekinoazot" in May-June 2011, plans to launch a range of methanol production value of more than EUR 150 million.

Previously entered into commercial operation the capacity of 450 thousand tons of methanol was planned in the IV quarter of last year, but the date was moved to amend the investment project.

"Shchekinoazot" began construction of the methanol production M-450 in 2007. In August 2009, put into operation the first starting complex — a warehouse of methanol. Methanol is planned to implement the domestic and foreign markets.

Specialists complete the installation of technological pipelines are installing instrumentation and electrical equipment.

It takes individual tests on the nitrogen oxygen compressor, the program developed by the specialists of «MAN Diesel &Turbo». After the successful completion of their compressor is preserved until startup of production.

Fully ready reservoir of crude methanol, water rotation cycle, the buildings of energy, a central control, compression, as well as the main pier. The department is being installed compression process piping, compressors installed synthesis gas and natural gas.
Within the department of energy equipment is being installed, and in the department of rectification of these works have been completed.

Completed installation of metal in one of the most complex construction projects — the main flyover. Is an installation of process piping, installation of steel structures for instrumentation and electrical lines. Have to do a lot of work for the wiring of cable lines from North and South substations. You will then be energized to test the equipment at the site of the M-450. Installers confirm that at the end of December the bulk of the installation of technology and you can begin to test all production lines.

"Shchekinoazot" (Tula region) — the largest manufacturers of industrial chemicals: methanol, caprolactam, hexamine, ammonium sulphate, ion-exchange membranes, as well as household products. Volumes of production enterprises account for more than 1 million tons of chemical products annually.

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