Shoigu included in the state defense order a new multi-layer digital outfit

Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu has approved a new generation of field uniforms and included it in the state defense order.

Novelty called "Seasons set of basic clothing" was featured today at the "Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation." 

Sergei Shoigu again inspected the novelty and pointed to its main advantage — the principle of layering. With this set of 23 items provides the military bearing of a comfortable life in all climatic zones in different weather conditions. In the production of uniforms used modern materials used to create a short lightweight linen summer suit, cap, pants, and clothing for the winter, including the shoes. All of this fits into the trunk for transporting and storing the set.

As explained to journalists representative of the St. Petersburg company-producer of "BTX-group" Daria Borovlevo, "the developers have taken into account the basic requirements for field uniforms and shoes. This maintenance of the heat balance in the different temperature regimes, protection from adverse weather conditions, and light weight, compactness and durability. " She added that the camouflage properties of fabrics made in the so-called number.

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