Shoigu rescues Aurora

Sergei Shoigu said that the army, like the country,

shouldbe untouchable characters. Among

priority measures— The return of the cruiser

"Aurora" his well-deservedstatus.

To its credit, Sergei Shoigu, he probably thought that

"Aurora" — is not only a symbol of the coming to power of the Bolsheviks,

but also — and partyRussian-Japanese andWorld

Wars,and that today in Russia is no longer kept any

one ship with such an amazing and long destiny.

To this fate does not okorotit, the new Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation

met with St. Petersburg Governor Mr. Poltavchenko and

They decided together that the oldest warship Russia

"Aurora" can still serve nablago Fatherland.

In short, I decided to return Shoigu cruiser in the

Russian Navy, as the refurbished ones, and again,

as in the old days, do egobazoy training and

education of young sailors.

And journalists Shoigu said: Now, they say, we think,

how to put the ship on course. Are already working professionals —

look, evaluate, think that this can be done.

If the restore, in its original form — with steam


Full article —Shoigu rescues "Aurora"

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