Siege February 8

Guests Forum Portal Intriguing as usual statements control the country. Now Alexander Lukashenko, Speaking at the meeting, where they discussed the draft of the State applets Demographic Security of Belarus, said the demographic prepyadstviya represent a direct threat to sustainable economic development and public interest in general. That’s what this thinking participants forums:
"Well … The electorate takes the example of family values and the type of your own favorite."
"What demographic problem? Its not. All depends on the problem of economic. Even if would give the family as in Russia 10 thousand (Means, 10 thousand Russian rubles — MS.) I would not dare to start a kids more … Needless poverty procreate … Preconditions for issue investigation — the main control stupidity … "
"The demographic problem is not through poverty and through manernasts. All forces and means to catch skirt, machinery, tights, travel, apartments …"
"But seriously, it is confirmed that the higher the income, the lower the birth rate. Many fruits at the rate of" more than do, the more will survive. "
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