Siege for January 31

The forums portal discussions are about what the price of oil products could rise by 5 per cent.
Comments: "Raising prices by 20 percent immediately. All the same endure, and place on the roads will increase ";
"It’s funny … In the Baltics, gasoline prices are falling …";
"Soon, our price will be equal to the German! And later and exceed them! Then clever Germans and Poles will lead us petrol at the border will turn, that’s when the price of visas and lift."
Writer Svetlana Aleksievich knows Russian readers of the magazine "Ogonek" about his newest book entitled "Time of second-hand", and about his own vision relations between Belarus and Russia. "They want to be a zone of Belarusians Russians?" — Asks the Russian writer correspondent. Svetlana Aleksievich says: "If someone disconnect Belarus and Russia, so it Lukashenko. He who verbally voiced completely different idea. Belarusians previously always voted for the union, the second municipal language because there was a strong Russian pupavinne. Freedom just gave us the history. Tradition of fighting for it, as in the Baltic states or Ukraine, we have. Heroes of this struggle units. "
Member of the Internet community minsk_by tanchyk appeals to guests: "February 2 marks 169 years since a day or birthday Constantine Kalinowski. By this occasion was prepared by a special stencil with the image of our national hero. There is a proposal to put your own stencil in various iconic locations, incidentally near Piazza Kalinowski. tanchyk link to the page where you can copy the stencil, and where placed on the use of annotation.
Academician Alexander Wojtowicz on your own blog answers questions using audio files. Here is the answer to the question "What is the vector of development will be Belarus after Lukashenko? ":
Wojtowicz "There will be manyvector development. Must throw good relationship with Russia. In-2, it is necessary to correct a condition that Lukashenko made in relations with the West. Must have a normal business, to have friendly relations. "
All interviews and references to "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk also call on the answering machine and send 266-39-52 SMS message to the number 391-22-24.

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