Siege of February 14

Participants Forum Portal Now intrigued BelaPAN information about how BRYU activists in Vitebsk region celebrated day of lovers. Participants of the rally "For beloved Belarus!" The greatest number of "valentines" wrote head of state Alexander Lukashenko and tennis player Maxim Mirny. Also used the popular singer Alesya, Ksenia Sitnik Inna Afanasiev, native Vitebsk Larissa Gribaleva, presenter Sergei Kukhto athlete Vadim Dzevyatouski. Here is what guests think about it the portal:
"Could defame prazdnichek so bright? As shown, it is possible … "
"I thought, this is a funny story — about love for the motherland … Did I miss something? Comrade St. Valentine promoted love for the country?"
"By the way, February 2, the Council of Ministers decree action counters for water in interheating season terminated. Entire part will be calculated on the counter ZhESa. Yesterday" accounting journal "read. So be aware of this as a gift to the Council of Ministers in love, or preparation for the directive number 3? "
Aliaksei someone decided to discuss in society Living magazine

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