Siege of February 7

On various websites Belarusian network discussions are Milinkevich letter to Alexander Lukashenko, where politician urges to overcome the split in the Belarusian society and invites dialogue led country. Reviews from the Web site blogs "Live journal": "Milinkevich read, that Lukashenko politicians and he killed a whereupon will negotiate with him and shake the handle in collaboration? "" So to win the enemy, or merging with it in ecstasy? "" Milinkevich look quite desperate, bad luck, "" achieve concessions from Lukashenko — it would be victory. "
"I’m going to rally on March 25 2007 in Minsk, but when another 10 thousand people will do the same, "- says someone ItalianoVeroMinsk website" Bank promises. "This international website is open to all who wish to encourage others to certain general ideas. Here are comments on the promise of days to Will: "I’m going to anyway," "I have never participated in such actions, but March 25 will certainly join", "Stupid users to create a poll can then 10,000 and will not meet, and on the street — just, "" Why "stupid"? Let’s at least check how many people can gather like this — one online polls. "
Blogger Hhelgi_litvin analyzes in his diary the situation that has developed between the official Minsk and Moscow, the official opposition and democratically minded Belarusian citizens (and I quote) "We are in any case must not act against the regime, together with Moscow. Lukashenko in a situation of conflict with the Kremlin, we — by fact, without making reconciliation — on one side front with Lukashenko. Lukashenko — in fact — makes our in that case extent that prevents praglynannyu Belarus Russian, or protects the economic interests of the country. " As for relations in Belarus itself, where, according to the creator, crawl the interests of power, the official opposition in the party and unbiased democratically directed people blogger writes: "We need to create a national revolutionary party — Belarusian" Sinn Fein ".
Yarik blogger in his diary describes a dialogue with the occasional counter in the United States:
"Me: Yes, and th Fromm Yukrein? (Hi Teese Ukraine?)
He: Know and uh Fromm Rush. (No, I’m from Russia)
I: Oh, interesting. I’m from Belarus.
He: Yes? I actually also from Belarus.
Me: Um … And why do you say that from Russia? .. From what you town?
He: Of Grodno … "
As a comment Yarik adds: "The exciting thing about that through some time these guys are starting to impersonate victims of the Belarusian opposition. "
All interviews and references to "Night of the siege," as any other proposals, texts and sounds on electric adresok Minsk also call on the answering machine 266 39 52 and send SMS to the number 391-22-24.

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