Six SAM Strela-10 arrived in Volgograd connection SOUTH

Volgograd connection of the Southern Military District (SOUTH) supplemented with six upgraded air defense missile systems (SAMs) "Arrow 10", told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, a representative SOUTH.

SAM "Strela-10" entered service in Volgograd SOUTH connections within the state defense order.

"In the Southern Military District received six modernized SAM" Strela-10 ", resulting in unit air defense (AD) Motorised Brigade, stationed in the Volgograd region, fully staffed with modern technology," — said the officer.

According to him, SAM is designed to reflect the impact of low-flying aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles the perceived enemy and direct cover units and units of ground forces in all kinds of modern warfare.

He noted that the "Strela-10" is placed on the multipurpose crawler tractor carrier MTLB. "Fighting machine can be transported by plane An-12B and the Mi-26, the complex itself is able to overcome water obstacles to swim at a speed of 5 miles per hour. Fighting vehicle weight of 12.5 tons, the maximum highway speed of 60 km / h, range up to 500 kilometers, "- said the representative of the Southern Military District.

Moreover, he added that the SAM provides the opportunity to fire both places, and on the move.



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