SLM Sunday decides to remove candidates

According to preliminary data, part one of the list of candidates from the United Democratic Forces recorded. Among them Anatoly Lebedko, Alexander Bukhvostau Anatoly Lewkowicz, Viktor Gorbachev, Sergei Kalyakin, Igor Rynkevich and Olga Kozulin. First Deputy Chairman of the BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka and vice-chairman Ivashkevich, as well as other non-registered Tipo for the reason that they have collected signatures to have comments. Vyachorka said:
"This anecdotal reason. BPF always distinguished precision and accuracy of the collected signatures. Not saying, that they were there some unreal. Certainly, it is a political decision. Means they do not wish to build me in Russian area, greenish Luga as a member of the election campaign. After all, I have a number of very nasty issues of power and up to the present deputies on certain social and land conflicts, which many in our area. Not only. It is clear that if the people who can actually carry on a campaign and be popular in their own surroundings, vykreslivayutstsa as, for example, Salash, it indicates that all previous decisions not to let people in the district commissions were not accidental. "
Vyachorka said that the party’s attitude to the election will be determined by the Diet on Saturday.
"All registration, non-registration — it is only political solutions. All orchestrated, previously spelled out. And these are political decisions that an electoral commission, dumb and powerless. They accepted even higher."
Ivashkevich said:
"The authorities are aware that their ability to registered candidates BPF members planned to use full for reproof of the electoral farce, which the authorities staged for the Western observers. Authorities need candidates who posodeystvuyut they legitimize the House of Representatives in Europe."
Recently the presidium SLM sent an appeal to the Head of the Presidential Administration Vladimir Makey encounter with the proposal and discuss the progress of the campaign. Democratic forces offer to discuss the inclusion of additional own representatives in the district commissions, as the problem of access to municipal candidates own media. Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka said it — two more pointed questions:
"Our people are not included in the precinct election commission, is it politically, consciously made. Indeed, if the commission — 19 people, and there are 15 or 13 and do not include our, it is a political decision. And we are divided on this. I am mean the full role of our people in the vote count. And the second problem — due to the fact that most people in Belarus simply does not know what is the campaign. And they are hard to make an informed choice if there are only 5 minutes to speak on the radio and television. These prepyadstviya more acute. If they were not, then there would be no debate — to remove or not to remove the candidates. And so it is. "
August 31 at the enlarged meeting of the political council, together with the candidates for deputies united democratic forces meant to solve the problem concerning the format of the upcoming role in the elections. According Lebedko debate unfold around the head issue:
"We go to the end in all circumstances — either all the same, we will wait to be the same response to our proposal Mackey encounter and discuss probable dakamplektatsyi precinct election commissions? This question discussion. There draft resolution to be considered by the political council."
CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik pessimistic about the likely dakamplektatsyi election commissions:
"Yeah train has long left. How can plunge a train, rode?"

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