Solzhenitsyn said first truth about the Russian system

Prince"I read a lot:" The Gulag Archipelago "," Cancer Ward "," One day of Ivan Denisovich. "It’s already in the late 1980s, I read where he studied at the Institute, and Solzhenitsyn legislate, and quite a huge number of stories read too. In terms of art, I sent a greater emphasis on the story, the small prose. As for great things, global, information and they are very exciting, especially in those days it was like a bomb. Currently perceived relaxed since there are plenty of other sources of disk imaging . And then there was … "
Mrs."Works read," One day of Ivan Denisovich "and later" The Gulag Archipelago. "Solzhenitsyn made a very huge memory, as was the first Russian writer era who managed to tell the truth about Russian order, the communist. He also still thinkers and Russophile, too. "
Prince"I read" One day of Ivan Denisovich ", and did not so long ago — the novel" House of Mary ", it seems. Necessary to get used to it — so slang speech. Essentially, all very straightforward, honest, and I do not really liked. Specifically prostalineynasts such here — maybe she was once so open it all taken "Hurrah", but now can be considered a discovery for me is not the discovery. "
Youth"It is a pity that such people died as he statuesque figure and Russian writer. It was a hard life in the camps visited. It is a pity. I have not got nothing to read, "The Gulag Archipelago" I wish to read, bought a little book, standing at me, but did not get. "
Old man"I listened to his work in 1967 on the" Voice of America. "A" Ivan Denisovich "I read more in" Roman newspaper "immediately after the publication of the Khrushchev era." Gulag "liked" 200 years together "is the last book . general, I admire him as a front-line soldier-winner, and later as already before the Nobel laureate. Anyway, I bow my head and grieve heartily. I Russians, he was in my town of Rostov-on-Don. So that the land he rest in peace " .
Prince"I read more liked" The Gulag Archipelago. "He read in his student days, when there was a photocopy samavydavetskaya. Struck written, no one expected that this could be."
Another sire"I" The Gulag Archipelago "just extracted, here in Grodno it was very difficult at first to buy. Just read it. How could not have caught? When you know what you do not know before. Such injustice. Said many would like, but not there live … "Tags: poll, Grodno, Solzhenitsyn

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