Soon it will be possible to refuel Minsk biofuels

Belarus made doslednaya party» on biodiesel fuel capacity 705 tons. Create biofuels Dzyatlava area. Preliminary work began in the joint stock company "novoelnenskomu mizhrayagrasnab" back in 2001. Get hold of Canadian equipment for rapeseed oil and biodiesel fuel.
Manages the company’s director, PhD Alex Skiba:
Skiba: "First we had the dosledna-industrial establishment. And presently developed motivated municipal utility for the production of biodiesel fuel in Belarus. In This year will produce 10 thousand tons. And in the future, we plan to reach 40 thousand tons. "
Reporter: "What would it take?"
Skiba: "All we have handled, and, in principle, all we have. Necessary and had spent a little money to turn around this dilemma face. And all ".
Produced at Dyatlovschina product — a mixture in which the base diesel fuel with the addition of rapeseed oil special purification. Rape in Belarus grows perfectly. As calculations show professionals with an average yield of 30 quintals of rape can be obtained per hectare per ton of diesel fuel and 100 kg of pure glycerol. Value in the fact that the introduction of biodiesel fuel based products perapratsovvannya rape actually does not harm the environment.
On the advantages of biofuels says Alex Skiba:
Skiba: "It’s in the fuel globally done with state support. Such measures have already been developed and we have. Biofuels at the pump sold for 10% less oil. And the quality of fuel canceled. And the main thing — it is a renewable source of energy. "
For example, in Germany in the ordinary Local candidature is more than a million tons biyadyzelyu in adjacent Poland — 230 thousand tons per year. EU countries put the puzzle at the moment, that 10% of vehicles running on biofuels. In Belarus is just beginning.
Spetsa states in energy Tatiana Manyanok:
Manyanok "Very badof that engaged in th end these projects. Belarus slightly, of course, too late, but certainly not had any severe challenges. Thank God, it figured. "
Alexei Skiba assured in Belarus Biofuels are already available:
Skiba: "We are already on sale. Take diesel car -" Mercedes "," Opel "or some other — come and we have seasoning."
Reporter: "you have said that to you, you can come to refuel, but far …"
Skiba: "We currently solve this question, and will be in Minsk 2 — 3 columns. Almost a month or two. "

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