South African MRAP Casspir Mk 6 chassis Ural


The South African Department of Corporation BAE Systems (BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa) 17 August 2011 introduced a new armored vehicle Casspir Mk 6, which is a further development of one of the founders of machines MRAP — South African car Casspir. Curiously, while BAE Systems itself states that Casspir Mk 6 as early machines Casspir, «is minozaschischennym armored personnel carrier, and not a machine category MRAP», and that the mobility and relative permeability of light vehicle Casspir Mk 6 exceeds that of "real" machines MRAP. As can be seen, such a division of BAE Systems is purely for marketing reasons, in order to breed sale in different niches and create more competition for its own heavy equipment MRAP.
Casspir Mk 6 in contrast to previous machines of family Casspir, had the 4×4 is offered in versions with 4×4 and 6×6, and the distribution of photos of the prototype machine show the 6×6 version of it.

The most curious feature of the car Casspir Mk 6 is that it is made on the basis of the Russian truck chassis family "Ural-4320" and uses the appropriate Russian-made diesel engine JAMZ-236NE2 turbo which has a maximum power of 230 hp (169 kW), and a manual transmission JAMZ-236U. This solution is chosen by the developer in order to maximize cheaper car Casspir Mk 6, the cost of which is claimed by 350 thousand U.S. According to the Director of Business Development BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa Johan Joost, "the use of the elements of" Ural "has reduced the price by a third."
The idea to use Casspir Mk 6 chassis "Ural-4320" filed a South African developer collaborating with the latest Indian company Mahindra &Mahindra.

The actual development Casspir Mk 6 was conducted created BAE Systems and Mahindra &Mahindra in India, a joint venture of Defence Land Systems India (DLSI).
In India, the car has received the designation of Mine Protected Vehicle for India (MPVI) and will be offered the army and security forces in the country.
Machine Casspir Mk 6 retains the traditional bonnet layout Casspir, with the introduction of the basic technologies used in MRAP vehicles in the latest design. In the version with a 6×6 vehicle has a combat weight of 14.32 tonnes and can accommodate 18 people personnel to be placed in suspended indivudualnyh shockproof chairs. It is stated that on the testing machine withstand without damage to the personnel of undermining the 21-kg charge under the wheel, and 14-kg charge under the body of the machine. Possible linkage additional ballistic protection.
It is assumed a marketing Casspir Mk 6 for the "third world" and the United Nations forces. BAE Systems will also receive royalties on potential sales MPVI the Indian market.

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