SOUTH helicopter crews were the best in combat firing at ground targets

SOUTH helicopter crews were the best in combat firing at ground targets

Cup winner of the competition for air and fire skills of flight crew training Air Force "Aviadarts" went to this year's Army Aviation pilots to the air base of the Southern Military District (SOUTH) in the Krasnodar region, reports the Russian Defense Ministry.

Two crew of the Mi-24: Leading — commander Captain Andrew Skidanchuk, navigator-operator Major Gadzhimurad Kurbanov and slave — the commander of the helicopter Lieutenant Stanislav Shekhurdin, navigator-operator Lt. Alexander Mitin best handled all tests.

At the final stage of the competition pilots, working in pairs, have overcome the defense system (NORAD), the imaginary enemy, and then at a distance of up to 1500 m completed shooting on the accuracy of unguided rockets S-8 and the gun GSH-2-30 on ground targets, simulated tank columns imaginary enemy.

At the end of the weekly competitions airbase army aviation pilots won the right to be called the best crews of the Russian Air Force.

When setting the credits were taken into account piloting technique, the defeat of ground targets, overcoming air defense system, as well as safety measures.

The winning crews will be submitted to a higher flight qualified and receive the right to enter without examination at the Air Force Academy.

At the end of 2012 SOUTH airbase Army Aviation, stationed on the territory of Krasnodar region, the second year in a row as the best Russian air force Air Force and was awarded the challenge cup.

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