Southern Railway (JZ) has opened after reconstruction Krasnohrad station in Kharkiv region.

  • Southern Railway Station opened after reconstruction in Krasnohrad
  • Southern Railway Station opened after reconstruction in Krasnohrad

It was reported "SQ" in the press service of the Southern Railway. Work on the reconstruction of the railway station and the entire infrastructure Krasnohrad station began in 2011 with the introduction of high-speed traffic on the site Kiev — Poltava — Krasnohrad — Lozovaja — Donetsk. Electrification of the ways the station and the reconstruction of the pedestrian bridge (the device gatherings on all platforms) are still ongoing.

According to the press service, the station building was built in the late 19th century. Now this facility meets all modern requirements. Were equipped with sewage and water systems, replaced the network of heat and electricity. Repaired and facade insulation station, friendly lighting system, replaced roof, all the windows and doors, entrances equipped with ramps. The interiors redesigned, resulting in the building of the station ticket hall appeared, two waiting rooms for 60 and 20 seats, a lounge, a room for people with children. In the parenting room has a bathroom and shower. In the hall of the superior set furniture, has its sanblok, soon there will be to use the internet (now the system is installed Wi-Fi). Station is also equipped with a touch-screen kiosks, through which a few seconds the passenger receives data on all long-distance trains for the next 45 days (availability, ticket price) is also installed electronic panel, which displays information about the arrival and departure of trains, ticket availability . In addition, the station is equipped with a video surveillance system — inside and outside the building, featuring 10 cameras.

The press service noted that the spring will continue work on the construction of three new island railway platforms increased length and width. In this case, the third island platform is already lined with paving slabs and actually ready for a second — mounted concrete structures. On each platform for passengers to be built pavilions, placarded.

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