Special armored «Bulat» demonstrated Shoigu

Special armored
Even before the arrival of the Minister of Defence media representatives tried as much as possible to find out about it, very aggressive in appearance, an armored car. All their questions answered by representatives of JSC Company «Protection» where is this car.

Those who sought to find out more about driving performance «Bulat», received a mysterious answer — «Later you will see» that fueled even more enthusiastic «workers of the pen» to this very aggressive look noticeably armored creep. And this time expect not only journalists and all others who had gathered on the day the coming future Russian military technology cars.

A look at the day was what. Past rains made the other day, as it seemed to many impassable probegovuyu track test site. Even the organizers of the demo show previously apologized to the head of the Defense Ministry, and countless veterans present in very extreme conditions, which were worse than allowed for some specific types of equipment.

But, as shown the following steps, they have overcome obstacles to success, and no machine, including «Bulat» not braked at the track because of the inability or failure to overcome it.

And the share of the latter fell hard lot — one of the first to open the «parade» when the other cars on the road was not there, and the enthusiasm of the Minister of Defence and others present was still not satisfied. It must be emphasized that the armored be successfully confirmed his running ability, not only in the eyes of Shoigu, and left after his departure, that person could be convinced of his qualities.

SBA-60K2 «Bulat» 6×6 is designed for the transportation of personnel on the roads of all categories in different weather criteria. Reservations protects the crew and paratroopers from undermining bezobolochnogo explosive devices weighing up to 1 kg of TNT underneath and grenade F-1 on the surface of the roof.

For disk imaging producer, booking perimeter machine corresponds to 6 (GOST 50963-96), and floor, roof and engine department — protection class 5. Inside the machine may have antioskolochnuyu antirikoshetnuyu and protection. Armored units created on the basis of KAMAZ 6×6.

To exit and landing machine body has two hinged doors to its front and aft, and 6 hatches on the roof. The left and right sides, as the rear doors are placed multilayer bulletproof glass with built loopholes. Chair mounted landing with built cushioning devices to reduce the load on the person in a car bomb on a mine.

Armored resettled heater, air-conditioner and ventilation system, and when necessary can be installed filtered ventilation system. To organize and hold small personal weapons have special attachment. The inner surface of armored crew compartment finished nonwoven. To improve the visibility of the surrounding area by car driver can be installed rear-view camera with a monitor.

In the bow of the «Bulat» has winch with a pulling force of 7 tons. Vehicles equipped with a mass of 12.8 tons lifting capacity 4 tons can carry 10 people with a personal weapon. Diesel V-shaped 8-cylinder engine 740.31-240 (Euro-3) 260 hp provides the movement with the highest speed of 90 km / h when running on combustible supplies up to 1000 km. Higher throughput machines provide pneumatic tires regulated air pressure. Armored vehicle able to overcome steep climbs to 31 degrees.

As additional options on the armored car «Bulat» can be installed satellite navigation system GLONASS / GPS and video surveillance, additional heater and defroster crew compartment bulletproof glass windscreen, electromechanical door locks and power mirrors cockpit appearance, also spotlight-seeker with remote control. By agreement with the customer on the car is likely setting other additional equipment.

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