Specialists believe that the design of buildings degrades Minsk

Architecture that appeared in Minsk after the second world wars, or even as they say, Stalinist architecture is contradictory assessment professionals. With one side, we must admit that its graduates have designed the best fundamental building universities in Moscow and Leningrad. On the other hand, for their history Minsk, its architecture and buildings were completely strangers, says historian Vladimir Denisov.
Denisov: "And so the main street of our town, now Independence Avenue, and in the 19th century — the street Zakharievskaya was one hundred percent destroyed, although boxes of old buildings remain, and in their place was introduced brand new development, which must be called socialist buildings realism. should be noted that this architecture was very superior properties, such as with Prof. viewpoint, and was very highest quality of performance. It primarily modern Independence Avenue, is a complex of objects in the forecourt area, this area Automobile and Tractor Factory. "
Architectural historian Sergei Hareuski very skeptical about the artistic values of Stalinist architecture in Minsk.
Hareuski: "Do not need it fetyshyzavats. Anyone who has been in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine, the Caucasus, beheld how in this style panabudavana was on "the second part of the world," and talk about the uniqueness of a completely not necessary. It does not belong in our national traditions, and built strangers. Nastiest in it try to give the best services for the Belarusian architecture and Belarus to this Stalinist "vampire" reprezentavalasya architecture in the world. This, of course, heresy, since no relation to belarushchyny she does not have. "
Sergei Hareuski implies intention to nominate former building ensemble Scorina prospectus for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. By the way, now he Avenue and many buildings on it are already in the list of Belarusian historical and cultural values. But even before the prospectus is not reached, it is quite a complicated procedure, says researcher managing restoration ensemble Independence Avenue designer Vadim Glinnik.
Glinnik: "It was somewhat years ago. Shults went first. This is a fairly easy job and diplomatic. That began to consider the structure of UNESCO, it is necessary to prepare a dossier on each object with justification. In order to fill it, the necessary research. By doing Nesvizha durable enough over time to reach business and Prospect. According to the statute UNESCO, country allowed puts on a nomination to one year. In the midst of all the objects that are nominated, the chances of the greatest prospect since it is authentic, it is not yet spoiled by restorers. "
But on the views of representatives of the Society for Protection of Monuments of Vladimir Denisov Avenue uniformly loses its authenticity.
Denisov: "There is a degradation of the design of facades of buildings. Quite see how authentic woodwork in apartments, and even showcases luxury shops that there wasand changed to plastic windows. In the near future many small construction exterminated forms — phone booths that were there, benches, fencing, curbs. Few years ago were one hundred percent destroyed by two square modern Lenin Street with one and other parties Skarina prospectus, and in their place are made new, completely alien to their own liking because historical environment that was there. "
But soon some pieces of Stalinist architecture buildings still recovering. Few years ago on the Suvorov Military School was restored bas-relief of Joseph Stalin, and did not so long ago on 2-Station Square also houses reappeared reliefs depicting dictator.

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