Spoke at the rally — selected hunting rifle …

Many of our students in their own letters to the "Freedom" written on the topic of elections to the House of Representatives, which will be held in Belarus in late September. Campaign began: passes nomination of candidates. Opposition activists for all that often face harassment and discrimination by the authorities.
The fact justified the expectations of the democratic opposition in the September elections, says in his own letter to the brand-new "Freedom" Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi. He writes:
"I foresee that these elections will repeat the same thing in the election eight years ago, when the House of Representatives were the so-called" opposition "Frolov Parfenovich. Ultimately, all completed" zilch. "Especially since that 2000 system Lukashenko and Lukashism still formed, but now it has become a custom and sustainable way of life. Fully ripe generation purely Lukashenko nomenclature — mercantile people and mentally quite western thoughts distant from the European Union. Their business with the West completely fit into the system just made the Mediterranean Union from Morocco to Syria (mean level of recognition of these regimes in the West). Larger they did not need. population of these states bordering the European Union (Syria — Morocco, Kazakhstan, our homeland, and of the same Ukraine) is not able to (and can not and unwilling) to build a more democratic system of government, to choose it, fight for it in the political struggle.
The West has long realized that 100 percent. And at some point he unwittingly begin to treat Belarus as well as to the "democratic" (in quotes) Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan.

Russian Cultural and mentally moskvotsentrichnomu Belarusian only first glance similar to a resident of Lithuania or Poland. Spontaneously and by the power of the case a few Democrats-Westerners, it can quickly disappointed in them. And later, to elect their municipal seat husbands nomenklatura Byzantine type — like power, which is more consistent with its philosophy and mentality ", — So says Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi.
I do not think the emperor Martinovic that your comparison of Belarus to the Arab countries of North Africa and the Middle East correct. Belarus and the European Union are not broken down by sea, between them there is no insurmountable barrier civilizational, economic, religious, historical differences. The West looks at the future of their own relations with Eastern Europe did not because the prospects for relations with the Arab world.
Question is not only about the adjacent Belarus Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, which became part of a united Europe. According to the latest agreements between Brussels and Kiev, Ukrainians in three years will be able to travel to EU countries without visas. Meaningful negotiations on visa facilitation leads to Brussels and Moscow. All this is happening against the background though unhurried but noticeable democratic configurations in Ukraine, well in Russia. Neither Russian Duma nor Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada did not like the Belarusian House of Representatives in which reign complete unanimity and agreement to the decision of the administration though how.
Subject elections sounds and letter Misha Myaleshkava from the village Dashkovka Mogilev region. Oh, so the listener describes the atmosphere in which the electoral campaign.
"I — opposition activist from the 80s. Participate in elections and watch as intelligence agents look for all of us, — says Misha Meleshek. — Saw: young people will not have time to go on a business (or post picket deploy state flag) — as their already waiting police.
Liabedzka own fans in Rechitsa forest tried to find — and there he found the rapidly. Even in the Russian empire royal "secret police" feared to poke into the woods, and now have no fear.
Volunteer assistants kegebistov call the police, they see that gathered several opposition. Say, check gathered terrorists. Agents even in settled villages and aktivnichali.
Called me when I was still collecting signatures for Pozniak. Reported all the signs: "Coat greyish dark cap, the highest, with a bag" — and I’ve already met.
I suspect that Moscow’s agents do it — look, hunt activists of the Belarusian State movement. Everyone is asking, "Who are you from?" Brash, belligerent. In disputes can often hear from them, "Behold Our homeland soon introduce its troops," or Belarusians: "Those people never had, it came up with" …
And the explosion in Minsk on July 4, I believe, not without a hand of Moscow. They intimidate Lukashenko "
, — Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Misha Meleshek Dashkovka village of Mogilev region.
That Belarus security services involved in the campaign — broadly understood. Not so long ago we were in charge of the history carefully Kobrin opposition activist Ales Furs. He recorded on tape, as the manager of the local department of the KGB threatened him with dismissal if he dares to campaign as a candidate. And its dangers authority complied Alesia Furs fired from his job in "Beltransgaz".
I do not think the emperor Meleshek that intelligence agents specifically to populate the village to watch the opposition. Usually this is done simply: KGB is so called "whistleblowers" from the local inhabitants, who for a small fee or even free of ideological judgments, convey to the "bad" neighbors and villagers.
On misunderstanding with the authorities reported to us several letters public activist, disabled Misha Kalyankevich from the village Rudensk Pukhavichy district. He writes:
"Not once heard on Radio Liberty that bureaucrats from Minsk and regional centers forwarded complaints people those whom people complain. Not so long ago, and he made sure of that. And we, ordinary citizens, do in this case? Maybe leave much of this grief?
That’s not so long ago I got the runaround from the presidential administration signed by the Chief to work with people Buko appeals. Sovereign Buko reports that my letter sent to Minsk Regional Tribunal. I’m in this regard, it wrote: "All my last appeal to the president redirected you — no one I have not received a substantive reply. Good for you to work. And the salary, for sure, is good. A just and work: get the appeal — readdressed. Maybe in staffing your council have free space? I apply for a job. And what? I can type on the computer. I have higher education. And where to send another appeal citizen, you tell me. And everyone will be happy. "

In another letter to his own "Freedom" Misha Kalyankevich reports on the latest developments — a visit to his estate and local police Veremejchik Komorowski. A listener writes:
"At first uttered that came to see how I keep hunting gun. Later began to question how I turned a certificate Chairman Committee for Nature Protection Rudenskiy hunting team. I replied that it is the decision of the general meeting of hunters. Certificate But I still took . Later Veremejchik started preparing documents to take my shotguns. said it is because the tribunal PUKHOVICHY lured me to administrative responsibility. And punished me for being made at an unauthorized rally against the construction of chemical plant in districts Rudenskaya. Here also brought witnesses — neighbors. I began to justify that decision, I appealed that it still has no legal force … But Veremejchik and unwilling to listen to anything. I rose pressure from the nose bleed … I had to go to the hospital " , — Said in his own letter to the "Freedom" Misha Kalyankevich village of Rudensk Pukhavichy district.
At the Hunter confiscated guns for what he made on the environmental rally. Do not say anything, acting response to Minsk blast. The private police reports, for sure, put a "tick" — reported to his superiors that intensively engaged in the
prevention of terrorism, gun away from potentially unsafe criminal element, almost a recidivist. And at a time when the police simulates violent activities, humiliating his stupid actions socially active people, the true criminals remain at large. Naturally, harder to find them: they did not register his gun at the police station and spoke at the rally.
About how the police shows overcharge care, reports in his own letter to the "Freedom" and our friend davneshny Paul Satz Village of cankers Malorita district. He writes:
"In connection with Minsk blast vengeance inspect our Malorita market. Shake all, no matter what you trade — or drinks, or auto parts. They say at the moment traders should consider all suspicious buyers — for example, those who buy batteries. I appeal to you to not leave this case without attention, that hysteria is not yet acquired a huge scale " — Paul wrote of the village Satz cankers Malorita district.
Topic, Sovereign Satz, in recent weeks we have withdrawn a lot of space in your own air. And will continue to look after her until the time until then will the information about it.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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