Students from the Czech Republic became the best selection at the National Olympics judo

At the National Summer Olympics qualifying judo among inmates Youth, held in the capital of Adygea — Maikop, Chechen students took first place in the team standings.

Fights were among young men born between 1997-1998.The tournament was attended by over two hundred

portsmenov regions of North Caucasus Federal District and the Southern Federal District.

 Vice-President of the Judo Federation of CR A. Danaev noted the high level of training Chechen wrestlers.

"The guys were challenged to see the strengths and weaknesses of their own and competitors. They fulfilled it by winning the team event ", — said A. Dana.

"Bronze" won the Olympics pupil junior school in Grozny Naynus Umarov speaking in the weight category up to 90 kg.

"I expected to win first place, but the bronze medal is not a bit upset. Judo fifth year, and each award — a sign of the transition to a new level. I hope that this is not my last medal, "- said Mr. Umarov.

In the weight category up to 63 kg second place went to Umar Ozdoev speaking with a leg injury.

"No one could convince me that I have received injury will not allow me to participate further in the competition. The desire to win was too big, "- shared his impressions W. Ozdoev.

In the weight category up to 73 kg, due to the excellent technology and perfect throws, the first place was won by Israil Sagaipov.

In the weight category up to 81 kg won "gold" Turpal Tepkaev, won a landslide victory.

In the weight category up to 50 kg the first place was the youngest competitor Murad Chalaev. He won, beating defending champion Russia Judo Championships.

"I was very pleased to represent their country at the Olympics. There are very strong contenders. I have long and seriously preparing for these competitions and won first place "- said M.Chalaev.

Juniors from the Czech Republic in mid-June of this year, will participate in the All-sports day in the city of Penza.

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