Sufferers for Christianity


Brothers kissed the cross. Made a last blessing own helpless shepherd.
Dark dumbness changed receded. Inhabited plated soft golden light, lulled, moderate pain and bruises. Young man as if melted in the light of this inscrutable and vseabdymnastsi feelings and happiness. Then realize life and its temptations — this pain and destruction. Grain should fall into the soil to bear fruit. He owed die, that saved the people that crowd all the way to a thunderous groves and sparingly stare into the faces of brothers. He turned to his brother, saw him-dimension and bottomless eyes, heard his voice.

Employees at the sacred grove of thunder rushed to him, tried to throw Kumets bag to drown his wordsa. But the voice all the same penetrated, fills the grove:
— Perdition no! We will be together for eternity! In Christ!
April 1345, Vilnius
Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "It was an excerpt from the latest historical novel" The Last Victim sacred oak "devoted three Vilnius sufferer. At first, she says, I ask you to extend my voiced passage. Where the action is and who they are, the characters of your story? That they are punished for the death? "
Olga Ipatova: "It’s still two brothers and Kumets Nyazhyla. Them — the court of Prince Algirdas — punished for the death of what they openly profess Christianity began. A general three were sufferers. Another was Kruglets. Later, they became saints John, Anton and Ostap. This — Belarusian saints. And it’s true we have to think about that already completely forgotten, although in Minsk have Brotherhood Saints Vilna sufferers. "

Rakytskyy: "Vilnius martyrs were canonized already in 1374 in Constantinople. What is the essence of their feat? For what still they suffered and how this feat influenced the actions of the old Belarusian-Lithuanian state?"
Ipatova: "They suffered for Christianity. But why exactly did it happen? Imagine for yourself Vilnius mid-14th century. She was entirely pagan. And only in the center, the castle was a narrow Christian community. First it was the wife of Duke Algirdas Lofty — Maria Vitebsk. Algirdas himself also was baptized into Christianity. Also Pastor Nestor. Was already there, and the Orthodox Church. By the way, it was the first stone building in Vilnius. She persisted until now. The court must have done spiritual choice between Christianity and idolatry. Three brothers, this choice was made in favor of Christianity. "
Rakytskyy: "They were punished for what they professed Christianity. But the unexpected happened: death 3 sufferers not only did not put out the light of Christianity, but, on the contrary, lured to the latest faith huge number of people, and gave the public a sense of the need for change. Why this happen? "
Ipatova: "First of all, at least some spiritual deed can not affect humans. Paganism by this time, so to say, tired. It was uncharacteristic of him to take the features of the political struggle, the struggle for power. And against the backdrop of the collapse of the highest spiritual idolatry ceases feat. And, of course, everything turned out the opposite. The priests thought that the destruction of Christianity drown, and the feat and wonders that accompanied these young boys filed Vilnius. "
Rakytskyy: "Why in the Belarusian lands if not from the outset there was no conviction, to what faith lean? Here Vilnius already at that time, we are talking about, make their own choices between idolatry, Eastern and Western rites of Christianity?"
Ipatova: "First of all, stately Duchy of Lithuania has melted in, so to speak, its ethnic pot of different religions. Polotsk and Minsk land had already been baptized. Eastern Christianity (or Greek) ritual was there for several centuries. Vilnius was a pagan. And to the west stretched Catholicism. That streak could condense that at least one century was to be independent government. But already in 1385 wasand signed by the union, and again on the Belarusian lands spilled civilizations — eastern and western. "
Rakytskyy: "Now Vilnius — largely Catholic city. Why then in Vilnius still defeated Eastern (Greek or Russian) ritual?"
Ipatova: "I would not say that he was defeated. Better to say — it was kept. As early as the late 14 th century Jagiello, Majestic Prince Polish and Vytautas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Vilnius baptized pagan. And, perhaps, would be entirely Vilnius church, if it were not spiritual feat 3-sufferers. I think so. Specifically, this situation CONTRIBUTE save orthodoxy during the polonization and katalizatsyi. "
Rakytskyy: "Let’s imagine other developments. How could they develop, from your point of view?"
Ipatova "Feat Vilna sufferers as Bredberav butterfly, changed the course of events. But imagine for yourself can be a few different options of history. Katalizatsyi If, when the lord came two — Polish and Lithuanian, and performed the baptism of the western ritual would Vilnius church. be obedient and eastern Belarusian lands, Minsk and Polotsk, who were already Orthodox, and the result would be a single Polish government. do not think that such a development would remain independent Belarusian government. 2nd option. government could survive as an independent , if Vytautas later accepted the Crown. More and was third force — the Crusaders. They used to the fact that these lands were not baptized, and tried to capture them. Eventually defeated Poland and stateliness Duchy of Lithuania, chine Order. But there would be other options for the future. "
Rakytskyy: "Naturally. And we are currently defected from seemingly matter of religious choice in choosing the political, cultural, and civilizational. Sufferers for Christianity … They were, for sure, more than three inhabitants of Vilnius. Can whether their sufferers call for civilization, its historical perspective? And in general — is it always in the Belarusian history coincided religious enthusiasm and state? "
Ipatova "sufferers for their civilization, we can hardly call. They had read in the Christian faith. Essentially, it is higher civilization. God above all nations and political life. Impartially But it so happened that they contributed to the preservation of orthodoxy and confrontation polonization. Yes they were for civilization. But we can not say with certainty that it would be better Belarus — Orthodoxy or Catholicism? Because there are equally as may gaze Eastern Christianity and Western. We can argue here, but actually God — one. And because they contribute, it seems to me, all the same civilization, its spiritual development. Though what civilization need a spiritual feat. And now he needed to keep the Belarusian respect freedom of spirit. Meanwhile we keep his government. "
Rakytskyy: "In the last transfer, we also talk about the dilemmas of baptism Belarusian lands. And etnakulturolyag Todor Kashkurevich said that most of the ills of Belarusians even before has roots in the victory of Christianity over idolatry. Say, baptism was pershazdraday Belarusian nation. And since then, people went to the local habit to renounce one’s own cultural traditions. Your outlook, Ms. Olga. "
Ipatova: "I think it’s worth remembering Lithuania. She’s been completely pagan. After katalizatsyya accomplished. And Catholicism simultaneously filled in all the cells on a civilizational highest level. But Lithuania has preserved its traditions. The question is not pershazdrade. Christianity is Time wasabout progressive. The question that we rend two huge adjoining country. And this civilization was the fault of the right to a day or. Belarusians also now own choice did not. And if not for the Orthodox Muscovy had read in ON, and for stateliness Duchy of Lithuania. And Catholics were also for stateliness Duchy of Lithuania. "
One area of Vilnius, where sufferers have become the latest victims of a sacred oak, and to this day has a clear Belarusian afarbavanasts Algerdava and echo times. Here and Vilnius Institute sweatshop and an icon of God’s Mercy Moms, which brought from Korsun Algirdas after the Battle of Blue Waters, and the Holy Spirit Monastery with the relics of martyrs, and the building where were sitting Philomath Filaret with Novogrudok, and later worked for many years Wilensky Belarus gymnasium. And in the place where he stood that sacred oak, appeared specifically in honor of the church 3 Belarusian Saints. Brotherhood in their honor is based in Minsk, in the Peter and Paul Church in Nyamiha.

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