Sunday in Beijing: Anastasia Novikova produced bronze

In the unofficial team standings ahead of the Chinese team — she has six gold and two silver medals. Do Olympians South Korea 3 gold and 2 silver, U.S. athletes — 2 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals. Just a day or two starts Olympic champions were representatives of 12 states, and all winners — February 30th-uh.
Now first medal at the Games for the national team of Belarus captured weightlifter Anastasia Novikova. She acquired a bronze medal in the competition in the weight category up to 53 kg.
With a total of 213 kg snatch, Novikova yielded silver kareyantsy Yong Zhynhi: My opponent was 150 grams lighter for the Belarusian. A champion with the amount of 221 kg weightlifter confident became taylyandkaya Prapavadi Yaraenratanatarakun.
26-year-old Anastasia Novikova was silver World Cup champion in 2007, and the last Olympics in Athens 5th place.
"From bronze faster saddened, if excited. Maybe focus prevented the noise of thunder and rainstorms. But most of all disappointed by the lack close personal trainer" — confessed Anastasia at this press conference.
Meanwhile, Anastasia Novikova employee weightlifter Vitaly Derbeneva (56 kg category) start at the Beijing Olympics failed. After graduating from the competition in the snatch sixth jerk Derbenyov three times failed to lift 140 kg barbell and out of control in biathlon.
At the very pedestal braked Belarusian stralkinya Victoria Chaika — Pneumatic gun firing from a distance of 10 meters, segodnyaschy mistress Europe showed the fourth result.
Already his second victory at the Beijing Olympics got badmintonistka Olga Conon. Outsmart Slovene Have Tverdy a 2-sets, Conan came in eighth end: there is 18-year-old Belarusian mon expects to play with one player in the world, Chinese Xie Sinfan.
In the semi-finals of the competition in the academic veslavanni qualified chatsverka pair comprising Paul Shurma, Valeria Radevicha, Cyril Lemeshkevich and Alexander Novikov. In this zaezde Belarusian rowers were third.
Gymnast Anastasia Marachkovskaya could not guarantee for the role at the end of competition on the vault, which will be held on August 17. By the end of the qualifying jumps Belarusian athlete took 9th place, losing to the possessor 8th position Swiss Arie Kaslin least two 10-bit and thus obtaining the status before the end of the first alternate. Marachkovskaya speak it only in this case, if one of the eight finalists to be injured or simply abandon the role.
Could not get through to the semifinals on Sunday Belarusian swimmers Inna Kapishina (100 m breaststroke) and Pavel Sankovich (100m backstroke). With all of this 18-year-old Sankovich more than three 10’s to improve their own record of Belarus.
Vosled Ramazan Magamedavym (Up to 81 kg), who lost their own battle in Beijing on Saturday, now retired from the Olympic tournament and the representative of Belarus in the category up to 69 kg Magomed Nurudinov: Vice-Champion in 2005 quite suddenly lost John Jackson the Virgin Islands.
Tennis player Maxim Mirny and Olga Govortsova finish their matches on Sunday prevented rain: Peace after the first set gives the Germans Nicholas Kiferu, Govortsova — Americans Syryne Vilyamz.
Of events should be noted nebelorusskih whole bunch of records in the Olympic pool: namely, field world records in the 400 meters inclusive swimming guys (Yankees Michael Phelps) And women (Australian Stephanie Rice).
Phelps ustanavlyayuchy record (4,03.84), captured own first gold medal at the Games. His fans put their trust that he will be able to exceed the achievement of its predecessor Brand Spittsa, who in the 1972 Munich Olympic champion seven times. But there is also a new record, which can install Phelps. History knows the names of the four nine-time champions — Larisa Latynina (USSR, gymnastics) Paavo Nurmi (Finland, athletics) Carl Lewis (U.S., athletics) and said Spittsa. In Phelps currently has the highest seven Olympic medals …

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