Support — to put themselves on a par with the thief

One of the managers of "Conservative Christian Party BPF" Yury Belenky comments on the statement of the Russian ambassador.
"And the context of the statement, and the shape is very similar to the disassembly of the criminal environment. Separator One reproaches another to say: I’m supported in some illegal business, what do you have at the moment threw! Official Minsk threw Why? See, it was very much a robbery attack rf other CIS 1st CIS member to another. And here lay support — means to put himself on a par with the thief. Our homeland no longer thinks that behaving inappropriately. And unable to evaluate their behavior. But from the side this inadequacy and anger are obvious. All this led the Belarusian regime to maintain the appearance of propriety. "
Member of the House of Representatives Natalia Avdeev supports the position of the official Minsk, also notes the positive role of Russia in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict:
"My personal idea is fully consistent with the position of the authorities of our country. And add me to this completely nothing. I all your ideas with peaceful people who, unfortunately, have been involved in the Georgian authorities terrible situation, which can be call war. The tough stance of Russia influenced the fact that war is not continued. "
Own independent position nor the Belarusian authorities, nor Alexander Lukashenko No — at last convinced the minister of foreign economic relations and salting of Belarus to Latvia Misha Marynitch:
"The positions of the Belarusian ruler asked. He said nothing. On what position you can read? This puppet position. Belarus In this case, notbehaved adequately against its own ally. "
Last envoy foreign affairs minister, the head of the Liberal Democratic Party, member of the House of Representatives , Owed declined to comment on its relationship with the official position of Belarus on the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. But the emperor Gaiduchevici shared his ideas about the actions of Georgia:
"I do not want to act as an arbitrator and consider this question. I understand the position of Saakashvili. All you need to solve the peaceful method. Saakashvili own hands destroyed the sovereignty of their own country, dealt a mortal blow to the sovereignty of the country, not thinking about anything and hoping for something. Neuzh you think that South Ossetia or Abkhazia want to be a part of Georgia?
Georgian-Belarusian business will develop in a format that is. And do not peradergivats here! As for Saakashvili’s statements on Georgia’s withdrawal from the CIS, in my opinion, no surprise should not be. Back in 2006, the emperor Saakashvili spoke about the inadvisability of presence in the CIS. And what came out of the CIS Saakashvili, humanly I understand it. I do not know who will give him a hand when he arrives for a meeting of heads of the CIS. "
All agreements between Georgia and Belarus within the framework of the CIS in connection with the withdrawal of Georgia from the CIS will be translated into the format of bilateral relations. About it now, said in an interview with Interfax salting of Georgia to Belarus David Zalkaliani. "We are talking about major contracts operating under CIS free trade, the promotion of investment, visa-free regime and others — the entire set of agreements as an economic character, and those that contribute to the relationship between people," — said salting.
August 15 in South Ossetia should be corrected Belarusian avtakalena with humanitarian aid.

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